Stream New John Hufford

Are you looking for something quiet today, something that speaks the spirit of humanity? Then stop here, have a listen to John Hufford and his new single. After a battle with Lyme disease, John took to penning songs in his home, in the vein of Elliott Smith and other like minded balladeers. But, on his latest release, he owns this quiet confidence that perfectly sets a balance in your day. There’s something warming in his vocal delivery, like a friendly whisper of encouragement giving you just a hint of light when needed. Soft guitar strumming and strong vocals always move us. Look for John’s Sleep EP to drop on December 15th.

Brand New Birds of Night

The last we heard from Denton’s Birds of Night was back in 2015 when the group released their self-titled album; we actually wrote about it quite a lot. Just the other day they dropped us a line to let us know they’d recorded a brand new jam, with an accompanying video. On this number you’ll hear some of the group’s psychedelic influences, but you might also note that they’ve taken up a heavier tone…like a world where Black Rebel Motorcycle Club crashes over at the house of Queens of the Stone Age. The video takes the live performance and combines it with some of those tripped out touches apparent in their tunes. As of now, this is just a one-off number…but let’s hope this means more jams.

Check the Video Premiere of Light Beams Desiring Creatures

Not too long ago, I was raving about the work of Light Beams, and they’re back with a new hit single to go feature on their split with Ian Svenonious new solo project, Escapism. I love the flash video work done on this new track; it seems to step right in long with the groove-laden track, pulsing as the vocals are released. I’m continuously impressed by the band’s minimalism, working with synth loops, bass and drums; it also encapsulates an evolving sound for those familiar with the band’s hometown of Washington DC (and singer Moyer’s other band, Puff Pieces). The split 7″ with Svenonious will be released on September 22nd via Lovitt Records…you can grab yourself a copy right HERE.

Hear the Premiere of Historian’s Latest Single

It’s been a couple of years since we’ve heard from Historian, but I feel as if this new single makes it all worth the wait. The base of this song seems to be a carefully strummed guitar and the deep vocal tones of Chris Karman, but it’s the added layers that really push the song into something special. You’ll hear string accompaniment giving death and emotion to the song’s twists and turns. Horns even pop up mid-track to illustrate just how much the group paid attention to the finer details in every number. This is just our first glimpse of the band’s new LP, Expanse, which comes out on October 20th.

Brand New Milan to Minsk

When I first put on this new Milan to Minsk single, I was oddly reminded of “Electronic Renaissance” by Belle and Sebastian…a song that spun samples into the groundwork for a brilliant pop song. The sampling and slow opening of this single does precisely that, allowing the listener to adjust their ears before Daniel Rote makes his vocal entry. His turn of words and vocal tones is definitely akin to Dan Bejar (Destroyer), though I like the murkier quality of the music surrounding Rote; it begs you to immerse yourself into the song…it’s okay to get lost. This is a brilliant piece of constructive pop, setting the expectations high for the band’s new EP, Welcome to Hitler.

Video Premiere for Orlando furious

There are some artists who march to their own drum, and Orlando furious is one such act. Typically they work with samples and iPad apps to craft beat driven vibes, though this new tune is built around the backbone of an acoustic guitar sample, looped in with a warbling affect that may be disoriented. It’s a warped trip through the wonderful world of outsider pop, and the accompanying video only guarantees that status for OF, willing to craft music on terms they define. Tenth Court will be releasing Named Feelings, the new LP featuring “Rage” in early 2018, so stay tuned for more. Buy/stream the tune HERE.

Enjoy the Premiere of New Flotation Toy Warning

Sometimes bands accomplish the impossible; they sound familiar, yet you can’t pigeonhole their sound. Such is the latest from Flotation Toy Warning, seemingly drawing parallels from the likes of Flaming Lips or Destroyer, yet with just a hint of Antony’s warble. It’s complex in so many ways, almost as if instruments are shifting tempo simultaneously. Your head will spin in ecstasy as you try to place exactly what you’re hearing, and in that, you’ll find yourself drifting off into the day. On October 13th you’ll be able to get your hand on this encouraging masterpiece, The Machine That Made Us, via Talitres.


Brand New Track from The Sour Notes

Local Austin favorites The Sour Notes are gearing up for the release of their next LP, Darkest Sour...and good news for you is we have a brand new single to share with you, and it might just be the band’s best track yet! “On Yer Mark” walks on the poppier side of indie rock, dwelling in that light-hearted realm that’s been owned by acts such as The Pains of Being Pure at Heart. The guitar chords have that angular jangle while keyboards push through the crowd. Jared Boulanger’s voice has the perfect softness to ride the song out, especially when we get the female accompaniment to polish off the pop substance. I’m just sitting here smiling, and I’m sure you’ll be doing the same. Plus, if you’re in Austin, the band play Thursday evening over at Cheer Up Charlies…and I’m sure their set will include many new hits for your ears!

Photo Credit: Vineet Gordhandas

She Sir Returns With New Album

Those of you that know of my appreciation for indiepop and the like will surely be aware of how much I adore Austin’s She Sir. Today we’re here with this brand new tune to announce the release of their new LP, Rival Island. Even if you’re not aware of the band, this is a great place to start, as the guitar work here is exactly what makes the band so special…sometimes it’s jangling, sometimes it’s circular, sometimes it’s dreamy. Russell’s voice sounds perfect behind it all (soft and understated), providing what continues to seem like effortless pop of the best sort. There are few, if any, that do it better than She Sir, so look for the new album from Shelflife on July 21st.

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