Transy Warhol Share Deceiver, Baby Single

Be it Big Boys or the Dicks or Big Bill, Austin has had its share of jittering punk rock acts through the last several decades, but its time for Transy Warhol to assume their rightful spot on the throne this year. Their latest single has those jagged guitar chops, knifing their way right through your speakers, wiggling and squirming into your inner ear. Meanwhile, Ruby del Mar emphatically growls through the microphone, flirting with the band’s more dangerous side; it’s a great counterpoint to the rhythm section, working with the guitars to add a little bit of pogoing punk rock to the sand. At times you’ll hear the frantic angularity, other times the song embodies more primal tendencies…so you get a little bit of everything in their sound. The group are set to release Control on April 28th!

The High Water Marks Share Let’s Hang Out Forever

It seems crazy to me that the latest single from perennial ATH faves The High Water Marks started out as what the band called “a mellow pop tune…about finding what you love and doing it forever,” as the instant you click play, it will seem like anything other than mellow. You’re met with a quick drum roll and bending guitar notes tearing right through your speakers, but don’t fear, as the band quickly slide right back into the best brand of power pop you’re going to find today (and the next). Slight little pop jangles hang in the air, with the melody driving the song towards its enthusiastic choral chorus performed by the whole band. Every great single the band drop brings us closer to the release of their next album, Your Next Wolf, so keep your ears ready!

Animal Scream Prep Heartbroke Motel + Share Cannibals

Pittsburgh’s Animal Scream are just around the corner from releasing their sophomore LP, Heartbroke Motel, and what better way to get you into their sound than offer a listen to the record’s first single. If you go back (as you should) and listen to Nightwalk, you’ll realize that the band pull from all sorts of influences in that record, hitting on dub reggae and extensive beat work. But, the new record, based on this tune below seems to live off the beat work, apply textural synths and even build in melodic psychedelia. When the chorus hits, heavy riffs ride through the background, while the vocals hit the hook hard, like something you would have found in the classic period of Of Montreal. It’s funky and dark, drawing from the “nocturnal” influences that are abundant on the new LP. Enjoy this Friday treat.

Rad Gnar Premiere Are You a Friend

Our old friends in Rad Gnar are living in the same space as I am at the moment, raising young kids (with another on the way–congrats Ben!). So, as we all do, or so I think, they’re writing songs that reflect those changes, with this tune serving as a reflection of the birth of your first child and the cosmic energies that surround us all. Musically, you’re going to hear the band blend heavier pop rock a la Superchunk with little elements of pop-punk and emo thrown in to create this huge ripping sound; it’s filled with yearning in the vocals and giant guitar-monies, so feel free to fall in love. You can find this track on the group’s Dead Strings EP.

Premiere: Strawberry Fuzz Share Dropout

After you rested up yesterday and celebrated a Cowboys victory, it’s time to get back in the swing of things today with some loud rock music from Venice Beach based Strawberry Fuzz. The new single, “Dropout”, features this very loud and sort of post-punk energy mixed with the slightest hints of garage rock greats. It’s sure to get your attention and entice you to a further listen of the band’s new album entitled Strongs Dr. which is out tomorrow via all platforms. Ya dig.

Classic Debut Calls You Home Video

I wanted to wrap up your day with this striking new tune from Australia’s Classic, which is the project helmed by Ashley Bundang. Currently, she’s preparing for the release of Did You Have Fun for early next year, and this song’s going to whet your whistle. I love how the musical structure of the track leaves a huge open space for the vocal work, as that’s the draw you’ll find immediately. There’s hints of psychedelia hanging in the air, but I feel as if singer Christie Crawford is channeling this sort of powerful seductress; you feel as if you’re incapable of pulling yourself away from the tune, like a siren drawing you ashore…or home in this case. It’s a song that hangs on your mind through the day, just like those crisp guitar notes holding it all together. If you’re looking to be beautifully haunted into the end of your day, spend some time here; Did You Have Fun will drop via Blossom Rot upon the new year!

Pete Astor Shares New Religion Video

About a month back, legendary Pete Astor (The Loft/The Weather Prophets) dropped a new record, Time on Earth, which received great praise from all over the indie sphere. Today, we’re here to share the video for “New Religion,” which is features footage of Astor, layered atop other video samples, with a mix of common objects. It brings to mind what Pete has said about the track, tossing out the line “we have all sorts of things to believe in…Johnny Thunders…Golden Dawn…I just sing about it;” it’s a sort of hodgepodge where we’re all actively seeking to find our footing in the world. Musically, you’ve got to stick around for the chorus, as it’s worth the price of entry alone. Astor’s heavy tones in the verse quickly spin into this more ethereal melody, churning out a hook that you’ll be humming throughout the day. Time on Earth is now available via Tapete Records.

Strawberry Fuzz Share Wasting My Time

Well, in case you needed a blast to get some energy to deal with your family, we suggest trying out Venice’s Strawberry Fuzz. While the sound hits heavy, mixing in various genres to grab all the fans they can, the band have a particular “no bullshit” policy in their craft. They’re out here just smashing through your speakers, detailing all the ways in which the singer Colby Rodgers manages to waste his time. As his voice peaks, it turns from bravado into a primal yell, pummeling your eardrums, just as the song’s done all the way through. If you’re digging, this is just part of a 3-song teaser via CandyShop, letting you know what’s on the way.

Video Premiere: Fujiya & Miyagi Drop New Body Language

Brighton based Fujiya & Miyagi is simply one of the most well known names in the indie electronic pop game, having started their musical career over twenty years ago. Nathan and I have really been seeing the tunes coming out this year as a welcome return to the band’s engaging, dance pop ways. So naturally we were thrilled and excited when asked to premiere this new single with accompanying video for “New Body Language”. This, sure to be on your weekend party mix, song will be the last track released before new album Slight Variations is released on Friday. Pre-orders are currently live for digital and physical releases of the LP.

Here’s some words from David Best on both the track and the video:

Track: “New body Language is probably the most instant and accessible song on the record. We took a lot of our current listening habits and put them in a blender till it turned out like us.”

Video: “The video Bob Brown & I made plays with the idea of perception. How we appear to ourselves is generally not how we are perceived by others.”

Free Time Share Jangle Jargon Title Track + Video

A few weeks back, we got the strikingly sparky “That’s Rare” from the forthcoming Free Time LP. Below, you’ll find the Jangle Jargon’s title track in video format, revealing a more pensive brand of guitar pop from Dion. We join Dion (and dog), canoeing alongside him in still waters while the gentle strum paddles us downstream; it’s a mellower turn than the opening single, allowing the listener more of an immersive experience. Just at the 2:22 mark or so the percussive element gives us a bit of a gallop, with Nania relishing the mantra of “jangle jargon” before the song erupts into a bit of pop exploration, guitars noodling as Dion accompanies in visual interpretive dance. A different journey down the river, but one that’s as equally rewarding as its predecessor; Jangle Jargon drops on September 30th via Bedroom Suck Records.

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