Some Free Week Pics…

I do love Free Week. The day job keeps me from going every night, but ANY night of Free Week means seeing tons of friends on stage and off. This edition of Free Week photos features photos of Light Wheel, Big Bill, Night Drive, Rose Selavy, Letting Up Despite Great Faults, a tiny cupcake fail, ladder climbing, toasts, staples and so much more. Venues visited were The Mohawk, Cheer Up and Barracuda.

I’m going to post a few thoughts on the backside of the break. The short story is that Big Bill can’t lose, Night Drive is still my favorite dance party, Rose Selavy is rad as a three-piece, Letting Up can do the same and Barracuda was surprisingly packed.


Light Wheel was the new one for me. Shades of Beacon. Incense, spiritual authenticity behind a tense downtempo structure. Big Bill flips the coin and you get that nervous energy, that straight-forward commentary on your town, your stuff and your politics. The pendulum swings back once again with Night Drive. The drummer remains, the beats are heavy, the new stuff is fantastic, we danced. Rose Selavy was stripped down to Robert, Steven and Art. TYTE. Steven broke his guitar, a falling knob. Hah, knob. Letting Up also has refined the live set with three on stage, but they were joined by the guest vocalist that will be on the EP due soon. I ventured over to Barracuda to just say hi to a friend celebrating a birthday.

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