Thibault Share Centrelink

It’s never a bad thing when you can get Kathleen Hanna and Ad Rock to support your work, though I don’t much think that Thibault need that hype machine because this new single is pretty special. It’s both nostalgic and timeless, transporting the listener into this dreamy smoke filled bedroom in the 60s; the arrangements behind the vocals definitely hold the song in the present, from the horns to the electronic workings behind the rise and fall of the vocals. If I were to collect the perfect snippet from this track, I think the rise and fall of the “ahh” in the chorus is a sublime musical moment. Search in the lyrics to find a common global thematic element, as Nicole wrote the song in response to her struggles to get unemployment services during this pandemic. Or Not Thibault will be out on September 4th via the revered folks at Chapter Music.

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