Thibault Drop Drama

With backing from Kathleen Hanna and Ad Rock, you better believe that the hype train has Thibault on board, but of course a band with members of Parsnip, Ocean Party and more was always going to be high upon our list. Press nods have mentioned a Stereolab (even a nod from Tim Gane) resemblance, and its definitely a vibe you can hear on the band’s latest single, “Drama.” There’s that infectious bobbing organ grind that rides through the song, with the vocals cooly layers on top of it all. I think for me, one of my favorite things about this style is the layering of various instruments to build in that texture; just listen for the horns built in around the 2:20 mark to hear precisely what I’m talking about. Just another sign that we’ve got great things coming when Or Not Thibault drops on September 4th via Chapter Music.

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