Top Austin Hits from 2020

Seeing as we’re based in Austin, born and raise and what not, we feel a special affinity for our music scene, which has been hit really hard this year. But, let’s celebrate the music that came out, despite the difficulties we all faced. So, here’s our Top Releases from the ATX scene. And still staying away from numbering things, as this feels like telling one friend you like them more than your other friend…and I’m just excited all these great artists live nearby and were able to put their art into the world in this shit year.

Gabe HascallThousand of Thorns

Okay, so we at ATH Records released this record from the former Impossibles member, but we did that because we really really love this collection of songs.

Pelvis WrestleyVortexas Vorever

Another ATH Records act we were fortunate to have a hand in helping get out into the world. Why would I put out something I didn’t absolutely love? You’ll love it too.

Various Artists – Slack Capital 3

A collection of 41 tunes from all across the scene (curated by Eric Braden, Howdy Gals and myself). All proceeds went to Austin Justice Coalition.

Xetasthe Cypher

This trilogy captured a band at the height of their explosive prowess. Every song utilized the skillset and voices of each member; I have no idea how anyone managed to harness all that energy and make it sound so brilliant.

The Sour NotesMore is the Pity

The band slow-rolled the album release by teasing us with 7″ singles throughout the year; it all peaked with a great collection of guitar pop songs that is sure to endure.

Jana HornOptimism

We’ve long admired Jana’s voice and wordplay, but its been a minute since we were able to fully immerse ourselves in a pure listen. You’ll find yourself reveling in this intimate collection of songs.

ChronophageTh’ Pig Kiss’d Album

If you thought that they couldn’t top the work on Prolog for Tomorrow, you were wrong. How have you not listened to this record yet!!!?

Half DreamMonster of Needing EP

When we first heard “Celia” at the beginning of the year, we were floored, but little did we know that the whole EP would live up to those lofty expectations.

A. SinclairIn the Middle of the Night EP

Aaron’s always been a great songwriter, but the last few years have really shown him coming into his own as one of Austin’s best.

Sailor PoonSailor Poon’s First Album

Years of hype and great shows finally get put to tape. Did not disappoint.

The ZoltarsMystery Kids

Jared might be one of your favorite artists’ favorite artists; he’s certainly one of mine. Another collection of wonderful ditties.


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