Nathan’s Favorite Albums of 2020

It’s been a crazy year, and a depressing year, so perhaps we all retreated more into our record collections to seek out that fleeting joy. On my end, I spent a lot of time running/walking in the ‘burbs, so these are the records that played the most in my life…thus they are my Favorite Albums of 2020. The validity means little to anyone other than myself, but since you stop by, perhaps come by and check out my list!

And, just an FYI…there are 30 bands, and I linked back to Bandcamp pages so you can buy directly from the artists…except that one band because apparently they’re too cool…even though that album rips.

Dropkick – The Scenic Route

Jana Horn – Optimism

Smokescreens – A Strange Dream

Deeper – Auto-Pain

Pop Filter – Banksia

Xetas – The Cypher

Cindy – Free Advice

Anjimile – Giver Taker

Exploding Flowers – Stumbling Blocks

Rules – S/T

Helena Deland – Someone New

Hinds – The Prettiest Curse

Emma Kupa – It Will Come Easier

Naked Roommate – Do the Duvet

Orpine – Grown Ungrown

Chloe Alison Escott – Stars Under Contract

Bad Moves – Untenable

European Sun – S/T

The Stroppies – Look Alive

No Joy – Motherhood

R.E. Serpahin – Tiny Shapes

Gary Olson – S/T

Toner – Silk Road

The Reds, Pink & Purples – You Might Be Happy Someday

Lithics – Tower of Age

Primo – Sogni

Jetstream Pony – Jetstream Pony

Chronophage – The Pig Kiss’d Album

Girlatones – Horn If You’re Honky

The Strokes – The New Abnormal

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