Lunar Vacation Share Only You Video

Having received great reviews with the release of Inside Every Fig is a Dead Wasp back in late 2021, Lunar Vacation have been on a bit of a high. They’ve released demos, recorded an Audiotree session, plus spun their view on some Christmas classics. But, today the band has a brand new single for you to taste, accompanied by a video shot in rural Tennessee. Once the song gets going, just beyond the 1 minute mark, you’re immediately greeted by Grace’s soothing voice over a soft percussive roll and gentle acoustic strum. It actually feels as if you’re walking side by side with the character in the video, traipsing about in those Tennessee foothills, perhaps with a little wind at your back. In the end, I got super stuck on the expansive nature; there’s this natural openness to the Atlanta group’s songwriting here that just immediately brings you on a journey. The tune is brought to you courtesy of Keeled Scales.

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