Perennial Announce Art History

As there always is, a bunch of hype came along with this year’s not-SXSW festival. But, for a lot of the buzz, I felt those bands tended to be slight let downs. That is until I caught the first of my Perennial sets! They were phenomenal, owning the stage with energy and enthusiasm, as opposed to modern performative sets with mapped out stage dives. Today, they announce their new LP, Art History, bringing the same energy through your speakers that they offer up live. Sharp guitars cut through the speakers before the verse settles into a hurtling tour de force with thumping grooves and a locked in rhythm section. You’ll find little playful moments too, even moments to set up and rest, all before they roar back in with a ferocity that’s sure to leave a lasting impression. The new Art History record drops on June 7th via Ernest Jenning/Safe Suburban Home/Totally Real.

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