Premiere: Denni Callaci and Heimito Kunst Share World of Lovers

In a world that seems destined to be over-reliant on technology, there are spaces in the music scene where folks are pushing back and away from a computerized industry. Instead, they craft ornate soundscapes of a more primitive, innocent nature, using organs, bells and the odd synthesizer…which is where we meet Heimito Kunst. He’s been composing instrumental albums for the last several years, most recently for Shrimper, thus leading to his meeting with songwriter Dennis Collaci. Together, they’ve created a collaborative album titled First Light, using Kunst’s musical compositions and Callaci’s lyrical wordplay to build ornate little soundscapes begging for solitary indulgence. The track below, for instance, begs a headphone listen, perhaps with a walk on a dim-lit night, leading you into the unknown as you finally escape the mundane modern world. And, as ever, artistry is the focus, thus the brilliant accompanying video piece below. First Light will be out on June 28th via Pass Without Trace Records.

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