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    Hopefully you took our suggestion last week when we encouraged you to give a listen to Who Does the Music Love, the debut LP from Outer World. Members of the

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  • ATH Top Songs – 2023

    Well, we did it folks. We made it through another year. Your ATH crew was busy as ever, posting well over 1,000 songs this year(!!!), sharing album reviews, and covering

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  • Top Albums for Nathan

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  • Rock n’ Recipes: Lightheaded

    One of the more pleasant musical surprises, for me anyways, has been New Jersey’s Lightheaded. They just released the Good Good Great EP, a teaser of sorts for their forthcoming

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Chime School Share Wandering Song

Make no mistake about it, but this Chime School record headed your way is going to be atop all of our year end lists. Today, you get a bit more of a look under the covers, as the group share “Wandering Song,” with an accompanying video. The immediacy of their jangling sound is right up front; you’ll have those jangling crystalline riffs cutting right through your speakers (in the best way!). But, one thing of note that I caught onto, was the approach to the vocals; they almost have a more 90s college rock/alternative feel to them, stretching the group’s sound into something relatable, yet completely in its own category. The Boy Who Ran the Paisley Hotel will be out on August 23rd via Slumberland Records.

Letting Up Despite Great Faults Share Powder

As they gear up for their new album, Austin’s Letting Up Despite Great Faults offer us another sneak peek at what’s in store. This go round, the band open up with a ton of electronica, using samples to build a backbone that lets Annah’s feathered vocals caress the industrial feel. When they hit the chorus, the groove rises a bit, bringing in the whole band to craft a little textured depth that tethers the new direction to the band’s storied past. Definitely exciting to hear them stretch their sound going forward. You can grab Reveries this October, and stream a few more singles by jumping and pre-ordering HERE.

Photay Announces Windswept + Shares Derecho

Wednesdays, am I right? Well, I’m trying to settle back into a routine after a little vacation, and with that, this Photay is a steady little electronic tune that lets you sit back as the synthetic waters nip at your toes. For the first two minutes, the beat’s fairly understated, and the vibe careful, but crossing that mark and you get a bit more of a bump in the song’s latter half, shining a little light into your day. It’s a subtle tune of relaxed craft, so wanted to be sure you had your feet under you as you settled into the midweek. This single features on the new LP, Windswept, out in September!

Welcome Strawberry and Quinine Split 7″

ATH fans are likely aware of Welcome Strawberry, and as followers of the group, we just got turned onto Quinine as well, with the groups announcing a split 7″ today…and both tunes streaming below! Both songs rely heavily upon brash noise in the front of the mix, with Welcome Strawberry centering their track around a softened vocal feel; Quinine allow their voices to kind of hang on the shadowier edges, though the second vocalist takes on a bit more of a modern emo approach. I love how on both songs the chorus sets you up for an energy push, illustrating why the two were perfect for a split release together! You can grab the 7″ from Cherub Dream Records!

Cursive Share Botch Job Single

We here at the ATH offices are certainly interested in what’s coming out of the Cursive camp, and their latest single has Tim Kasher clawing at expectations. As a fan, this one feels like the Good Life work is bleeding into the songwriting process. There’s some sharp guitar licks that are pretty solid, yet the tendency for Tim to soften his vocals and hold onto a calmer presence there seems to supersede. Now, that doesn’t mean we’re not jamming it over here, just an observation that this might be the album where Tim gets all the pieces together and knocks it out of the park! Devourer will be out on September 13th via RFCR.

Merce Lemon Shares Backyard Lover Video

We’ve had Merce Lemon high on our radar for some time here at ATH, and with her most recent work, it seems like the rest of the world is catching onto that vibe too. That star’s only going to rise when folks listen to “Backyard Lovers,” the latest single from the forthcoming Watch Me Drive Them Dogs Wild LP. Through this song, the absolute vocal control is stunning, particularly the way the voice can rise up to match the force, yet pull it right back to suck you into the intimate experience between artists and listener. But, there’s definitely plenty of force, with Merce letting loose a powerful “you fucking liar” before lighting up the speakers with a ripping guitar solo that jams the song to a close. Watch Me Drive Them Dogs Wild will win you over when it drops on September 27th via Darling Records.

Supermilk Share Many Thanks Single

If you need an energy injection to get through today, might we encourage you to turn the knob on your stereo up a little louder as you indulge in this new track from Supermilk. On this new single, the London outfit are channeling that sort of sharply bobbing brand of punk, punctuating riff work so as to create a bit of a natural dance. The chorus bites a little heavier, giving off a bit of a drive that maximizes the noise capacity. For my two cents, I love the vocal delivery, particularly when the notes stretch into higher octaves, reminiscent of Futureheads and the way they almost made punk rock sound like a chorale group. The band will release High Precision Ghosts on August 9th via Specialist Subject Records.

TR/ST Shares All At Once Single

Not sure where or when it was that I first caught TR/ST (who went by Trust at that time), but I do remember the inclination to let my body free itself and immerse myself in what was before me. Now, years down the road, I’m still devoted to the work of Robert Alfons, and I’m definitely excited there’s a new album coming our way, with the first single hanging out below. That freeing sentiment is definitely omnipresent in his work, like the propulsive beat here; you may commence air-punching and foot stomping in your room after craning the volume to an appropriate level. Alfons vocals are distinctive, like a darker version of Anhoni, but built for late night dance floors and shadowy corners. Performanceis out on September 23rd via Dais Records.

Refrigerator Announce Get Lost + Share Fire on 12th Street Video

Some 30 years and 15 albums into their career, and Refrigerator seem to continue to push themselves sonically, fueled by the intersection where improvisation and pop crash into one another. Their opening track on Get Lost is featured below, offering up a throttling wall of noise built up by the dueling guitars fighting with one another for breathing room. Drums roll behind the battle, establishing just enough consistent tempo upon which to drape vocals; they’re presented in a spiritual fashion, creating this spiritual chant that only seems to build anxiously as the guitars continue to nip and bite at one another. Eventually the vocals give up, sitting by as the guitars furiously wail through your speakers, closing the song with one last erratic gasp. If the video seems familiar, it’s because its the artwork of Half Japanese founder Jad Fair, who also drew the artwork for the limited release of Get Lost; it will be available on August 23rd via Shrimper/Grapefruit Records.

True Optimist Drop New Video: The Argument

When True Optimist dropped their first single, it was this sharply tiptoeing pop tune, playful, yet shadowed. On their latest single, “The Argument,” they’re toying with much the same childish innocence, working along this carefully walked synth line. When Evan and Susan combine their vocal work, the track begins to take on this sedated seance vibe, sort of like a spiritual awakening as the two lovers in the narrative come to realize perhaps they should try to see things from the other’s perspective. They’re building these unique pop tunes that allow you to just sit and soak in the bathtub of their craft, waiting until your fingers wrinkle so you can get up and press play all over again. Self Aware Records will release the band’s new album, Mental Health, on August 2nd.

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