New Music from Best Friend

Beko Disques are probably one of my favorite labels at the moment, quietly going about releasing excellence with little to no need for playing the game. They just dropped this delightful Best Friend track to announce the forthcoming LP for the group. You’ll find the vocals sitting back in the distance on this number, almost as if they’re fading away as you put your ear next to your speaker. Dreamy jangles seep out from the guitars, with some tight little drum rolls to fill out the vibe. The release is scheduled to drop come November, so keep your eyes peeled.

One Last Pia Fraus Tune Before Friday

Field Ceremony will be floating around your record stores starting this Friday, but Pia Fraus wanted to give you one more chance to lose yourself in their sound before you’re required to pick it up. This number’s a slow charmer, really working the pace angle here, allowing you to maximize what you pull from the song’s natural melody. Vocals float and circle one another, wrapped in a blanket of female/male overlapping warmth. Of course a gem of an album could only come out on a label like Shelflife, so support the small guy with great tastes and grab the LP.

ACL 2017 In Photos: Friday – Weekend One

I got photo coverage started with a little gallery in our ACL Weekend One Recap. For me, Weekend One was all about the head down grind of chasing photos. Modern problems, I know, but it is hustling from pit to pit, sweating, lining up to make sure you gain access, attempting to keep everything clean enough and not have dirt ruin “the shot” and not having a panic attack knowing you have three songs to get it all right. It is a strange way to take in a music festival, often oblivious to the actual music as sensory depravation takes over and you enter a tunnel through the viewfinder.

…and loving every minute of it.

The Friday edition includes The Wild Now, Methyl Ethel, (Sandy) Alex G, The Aces, Hamilton Leithauser, Mutemath, Crystal Castles, Lukas Nelson, Bonobo and The XX.

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Say Yes to Thirty Days of Yes

While we here at ATH have little say in the realm of Australian politics, we do care deeply about their citizens…especially when it comes to the musicians. At the moment, some of the best from Twerps to Courtney Barnett have teamed up for 30 Days of Yes, a song-a-day mixtape featuring unreleased and rare songs from the country’s best…all standing in solidarity (as are we) to show support for Marriage Equality and the LGBTQI community. All proceeds from the project will go towards organizations furthering that cause, Minus18 and Twenty10. Be a good human and buy a song or two; help us stand up for basic human rights…both home and abroad. Also, be sure to spread the

Go Out and Listen to FACS

I was in love with FACS before I even knew the band existed. The trio that have formed this band all were part of Disappears, so my adoration was already there. Then they’ve signed on with Trouble In Mind Records to release their debut Negative Houses…again, I’m a constant TiM supporter…so check that box. Your 8 minute journey on the band’s first single here admittedly requires some patience; it won’t hit you until you’ve fully given yourself over to the stretching number. Ambient noise, echoes and rolling percussion fill the first three minutes, though I suppose fill is the wrong word to use, as there’s a huge emptiness that’s omnipresent. When the vocals commence, they seem to climb out from the abyss, primal urges escaping as last gasps unto the world above. Definitely not your run-of-the mill number, and we’re all the better for it. The album will be available in March of next year!

New Music From Heart Beach

Aussie based band Heart Beach have picked up lots of love on ATH over the years. Nathan and I have both proclaimed them as one of our favorite Australian acts from the last few years. Well today the band sent over not one, but two new singles for us to check out! Both tracks offer the same guitar driven pop music with powerful vocals and perfect timing from the rhythm section. Both songs appear on a new album entitled Haircut due out on November 1st. Enjoy.

Enjoy the Latest from Dream Joints

We’re getting to that point in the year where we’ve got to look back on 2017, and sometimes that means unearthing overlooked hits. One of those was was Dream JointsJust Like Medicine, which luckily was dropped back into my mind via this brand new video from the record. It encapsulates the entirety of the LP: mysterious, dark and captivating. I can hear where fans of heavier psychedelia could get lost in here, but there are these little vocal turns that give out the faintest hint of pop accessibility like the “up in the window” line at 1.12. Feel free to explore more from the band by grabbing their LP from Bleeding Gold Records.

Check Out New Music from Sob Stories

Yesterday Emotional Response dropped a bunch of new release info, like Razz and, well, Sob Stories. The group’s debut EP should be regarded as the standard in how to kick out power-pop nowadays. This short little EP is filled with huge riffs built for loud speakers, vocal hooks that tug on the heartstrings of listeners and a bit of swagger that makes you wanna be cool. I’m partial to “You’ll Only Hurt,” but pretty sure that I could stream these six songs all day long. What do you think? You dig it, order the EP from Emotional Response while supplies last!

Have a Hit from Pure Mids

From the get-go you’re tapping your toes, feeling a need to bounce. That feeling rides until the entrance of the vocals on the latest Pure Mids track; once those vocals soothingly ride the mix, the tune takes a strikingly dreamier note. It spins in your ears, whispering to let yourself go free. Twirl about my friends, get lost in music like you did when you were young. The band is currently wrapping up the finishing touches on their debut album, Optimistic-ism, which I’m hoping carries this songs shimmering vibrance, twinkling and buzzing in my ears.

Dreamy New Dead Leaf Echo

Man, this song is definitely a stunner. Clearly I’ve enjoyed previous Dead Leaf Echo tunes, as we all should, but this one really ups the ante. Usually the group surround their songs with this blossoming wall of noise, but here you find that peeled back, however slightly, to reveal a tight rhythm section and guitars that seemingly circle around the vocals. They fill in some extra textural notes via synth work and distortion as the song progresses, but I’m still grinning with the immediate charm this number offers. Their new LP, Beyond.Desire, will be released this Friday via PaperCup Music.

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