Spend Five Minutes with Indridi

From time to time you get struck by something special, something that comes back for you time and time again, which is precisely the case with this brand new number from Indridi. He opens the space through the first minute with careful plucking over a distant ring, setting a mood for solitude. His vocals enter the picture, with varying emphasis on pronounced syllables; it almost comes across as broken, giving the impression of a fragile narrator. Seemingly, the tune builds and builds, but there’s a quiet restraint rather than a forced barrage of noise; it’s thoughtful in the best way, fading out of your mind ever so gently. Look for his new album, Ding Ding, via figureeight on May 18th.

Fresh Michael Rault Tune

I’m really digging Michael Rault‘s new work as of late, particularly this brand new single. In the past, I was most impressed by his songwriting and talent…in regards to guitar. This round, it’s all about the way he’s polished that voice to be as impactful in the songwriting as his guitar work. From start to finish this tune is like a soft lounge tune, relaxed in presentation and in the vibes it gives the listener. Just a stellar bit of pop songwriting that hopefully brings more fans his way; look for his new LP It’s a New Day Tonight via Wick Records on May 18th.

Show Pics: OMD played Emo’s (4/6)

I mentioned that OMD was playing a sold out show at Emo’s in a Have A Nice Weekend post last Friday. I stressed that of all the bands that were formative to new wave that still influences so many bands today, the only one touring right now with the same level of love for their music, past and present, is Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark. They are touring in support of their recent release The Punishment of Luxury, which if you haven’t given a shot, you might want to.

In addition to their hit after hit set, OMD brought along GGOOLLDD, some fun indie pop stuff that you can dance to, with outfits and poppy fun.

Let’s get to a few random thoughts and plenty of pics.

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More New Peach Kelli Pop

Peach Kelli Pop don’t seem to be slowing down a bit; the band are already prepping their new RSD EP, and now they come with the announcement of a brand new full-length LP. It’s a catchy number, all the way into the chorus, but what’s most enjoyable to my ears are the guitar sounds. To me, it sounds like the ladies are stepping into Marked Men territory, only infusing it with a little bit more sunshine and pop sensibility; you know I don’t mind that at all. The group will release Gentle Leader on May 25th via Mint Records, and they’ve also got a June date here in Austin with our own Mean Jolene.

New Indiepop from Marc Elston

My discovery of this new brief Marc Elston release began with a recommendation from Adriano of Postal Blue, who helped with the mixing and mastering on these songs. It was then that I realized Marc was also one of the main members of Bulldozer Crash, who came to my attention when Jigsaw release THIS COMPILATION. As it is with indiepop, it always comes full circle. Of these three tracks, it’s hard to pick a favorite. I love the overall feel of “Your Every Thought,” with its uplifting sound; I also like the jangle shuffle on “I Wouldn’t Want To.” These songs are all relatively short and charming, the way a good indiepop release should be. Go have a listen.

Brooding Number from Second Still

Looks to be a busy month for Second Still, with the release of their Part Time Punks EP (Sentimental) and their Equals EP (Weyrd Son) dropping simultaneously on 4/20. Here we have one of the tunes featured on the PTP session; it illustrates precisely why the group’s so captivating, at least in my ears. The first two minutes are spend establishing a somber mood, with an almost industrial percussive movement building the tension ever so slightly. Just after the 2 minute mark, the song swells, distorted guitars ring just a bit louder in the mix and you’re stuck in the band’s musical trance. And if you didn’t realize this is a For Against cover, then shame on you!

Stream City and Sur EP from DEWR

For those not in the know, DEWR is the project of current Californian Brian Dewar; he offers up a blend of stripped down folk amidst a backdrop of pop sensibility. “Try Not to Try” begins slowly, with Dewar’s voice working over a guitar line; it moves forward with a more angular cut in the guitar and horns that force the song into blossom. On “Anyway” he emulates a touch of the new batch of indie rockers, driving hooks into the listener’s ears with ringing guitars and crashing cymbals. “Violet’s Encore” is more in the vein of folk as we’ve come to know it, playful and heartfelt, aided by a female vocal foil throughout. The City & Sur EP will be available for you this Friday.

Gruff Rhys Is Back Again

Thought not mentioned much by us over the last several years, Gruff Rhys is one prolific dude who pumps out all kinds of art via music, film and even literature. Assuming all of you, or most of you, know the guy a bit, you won’t be surprised to find this new track “Frontier Man” is pretty typical of the style we know and love from Gruff. It is a bit more americana/folk than some of his previous efforts but that lyrical playfulness and extreme baritone voice are both still present. Ya dig.

Gruff Rhys will release new album Babelsberg on June 8th via Rough Trade Records.

New Jam from Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever

It’s strange how a region in the world can seem to craft a sound that’s forever associated with the area, like say New Zealand and Flying Nun. As of late, Melbourne’s been churning out casually infectious guitar pop ditties like nobody’s business…and I obviously put Ocean Party high upon the list of purveyors of that sound. But, just behind them, in a slightly less prolific manner is Rolling Blackout Coastal Fever, who’ve just announced the release of their debut LP for Sub Pop. This song is definitely going to get stuck in your head, especially that damn chorus. Admittedly, I’m a sucker for this region and this sound, so of course I’ll be picking up Hope Downs when its released on June 15th.

New Honey Radar Tune

Honey Radar first bounced onto our radar when the Philly act released their second LP via What’s Your Rupture. Today, they’ve announced a brand new EP is on the way via Chunklet Industries; it’s titled Psychic Cruise. Immediately you’re going to toss out that psychedelic vibe, but the song’s brevity and casual demeanor make it a far cry from that far out land. Sure, I can hear some of the guitars giving you the impression, but just the smooth delivery of the lyrics gives the song a whole lot more polish and assuredness. Jamming can be cool, but it’s only as cool as the song will take it…and this tune takes it pretty far in under a minute and a half; look for the EP on April 20th.

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