Brand New Jetstream Pony

It’s not every day you get to delve into the musical world of pop supergroups, but alas, that’s where we are with Jetstream Pony, a band composed of members hailing from acts like Trembling Blue Stars and the Wedding Present. In this new single, they toy with us, delivering a thirty second guitar intro, meandering through your speakers. Then the rhythm section jumps right in, and let’s face it, you’re immediately hooked on this track. The guitars have a jagged edge, but the song has this sugary sheen that’s leaps and bounds above any other purveyor of pop music at the moment. This excellent tune will appear on the group’s new Self-Destruct Reality EP, which is being released by the highly-regarded Kleine Untergrund Schallplatten; it drops in an amazing 12″ format you can find HERE.

We All Need Slothrust

Whew. It’s been a hot minute for me as I bounced out of the country for a couple of weeks. Now back in the country and wading through a massive amount of missed music news, not much has been doing it for me other than this new track “Peach” from our Boston based friends in Slothrust. This band has been growing on my radar for a couple of years now and this track might finally blow them open. Hey but if it doesn’t, I’ll continue to enjoy them in my secret little music world.

Slothrust will release The Pact on Septmeber 14th via Dangerbird Records.

Introducing Fanclub

ATH was always down for a night out when Letting Up Despite Great Faults was on a bill. Bedroom pop shimmy vibes…

Out of that project, we now have Fanclub (or ffffanclub for your social media searching needs). This trio is comprised of Letting Up lead Mike Lee and drummer Daniel Schmidt with new-to-the-mix-on-vocals Leslie Crunkilton. Some of us at ATH always felt that Mike would find his way into a collab using a female-vocal up front. So, here we are with a shiny new track to give us something use to preview their upcoming appearance during Hot Summer Nights at Mohawk on the 28th.

Another New Track From Film School

I absolutely love the synth fopundation on this track.

“Go Low” is the second single off of Film School‘s pending LP release Bright To Death. The record is due 9/14 on the shiny new Hauskat Records. It seems our eight year’s worth of patience is going to be rewarded by a reinvigorated and revitalized Greg Bertens in a collaborative environment with his bandmates that are bringing ideas in like the aforementioned synth line. The new tracks both share the first record depth, the notion that the first major release of any band has a more weight as the first record’s songs carry the artist’s thoughts and motivations of their life up to that point, not just the few months in a studio after a tour. Do you agree?

The Smittens Release Another Single

Having written about the Smittens recently, I figured I should offer you another track from their forthcoming release to entice you further. The band takes on the definition of love in the lyrics, a concept that’s vital to any indiepop release, or so it might seem. If you’re looking for your own definition for the word, then listen closely. Musically, the song is pretty light and airy; I do particularly like the final message that “love is an action word/its a verb.” Also, the contrast between Missy and Max in regards to their vocal tones is pretty special. Look for the group’s City Rock Dove to drop on August 3rd via the esteemed Fika Recordings.

New Video from Smokescreens

Another day and another post related to Slumberland Records…what can you say…the labels so hot right now. Today we’ve got the latest video from newly adored Smokescreens, who are prepping Used to Yesterday for a July release. This track is a dedicated ode to the band’s New Zealand influences, where you can hear the guitars working against each other in unison to craft a melody that seeps over into the vocals. I love some of the gang vocals on this track; they’re recorded in such a way as you can barely decipher between one voice, uniting the band as a singular pop entity. The song rules, the band rules (and they’ll be touring throughout August, so be on the lookout!).

Bjorn Torske Shares Another Tune

Spending most of my days at the moment in front of my television watching the World Cup, so its great to get an instrumental disco groove going on in the background as the ball moves around the pitch. The first four minutes of this track have Bjorn Torske setting up the groove, with a little wiggling line working over looped cymbals; every once in a while a guitar chord lurks from the shadows, but usually fades. The latter half of the track takes the same mold and applies some sampled chanting to the mix, then slides some atmospheric synths to wash over it all. His new album, Byen, is dropping on July 6th via Smalltown Supersound.

Dream Pop from Starframes

Starframes are an Italian act with a pretty decent resume, having release several LPs and an EP since their inception in 2004. They’ll be back soon with the group’s new Nicht Vergessen LP, which is slated for release later in 2018. This particular track circles around the life of the narrator, Friedrick Braun…a creation of songwriter Raphael Bramont. I love how Raphael’s voice seems to be this intimate whisper, carrying a melody that permeates the tune. Plus, a close ear will find some excellent guitar work and some nods to the pioneers of the genre. Hope you love it.

New Single from Curling

The music that’s being created by Curling reminds me of my late adolescence, a time spent jamming discordant emo via Jade Tree for a great part of my years. It’s precisely what this group offer on their new single, though they’ve managed to spin in a modern fashion. I like the contrast crafted between the instrumentation and the vocals; it seems like the song’s going to be a pummeling number, but the softness of the voice pulls it back every so slightly. And once the vocals are over, the song blasts off into melodic discord. Their new record, Definitely Band, drops on August 3rd.

New Music from A Lily

James Vella is one of the members of post-rock outfit Yndi Halda, but today we bring you a project from his solo work under the moniker A Lily. He’s prepping Id-Tar Tal Missier and this song should put you immediately on alert to his craft. The song really has two main parts, repeated twice. The opening section is this careful bit of quiet pop; it works around a metronomic rimshot, tinkering keys and Vella’s voice as instrument. While it may not be immediately apparent, the first movement builds towards to second, with this burst of spectacular pop where the feelings give a sense of natural joyousness…and slowly it returns to the first movement. A special number awaits you my friends; the EP will be released by KingfisherBluez on August 31st.

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