Brand New Track from Ezra Furman

It’s a good thing we have this Ezra Furman to start off our day, as he’s one of my favorite curator’s of pop rock. His tunes are rooted in the tradition of garage rock, and on this album, he’s filled the record with lyrical content put forward as a collection of stories. You’ll hear the hooks in this song, with some Springsteen-esque delivery, rocking its way to the sweet chorus. His new album Transangelic Exodus will be released by Bella Union on February 9th. .

Premiere Primitive Motion Release Feed the Signals Video

Bedroom Suck Records is one of our favorite labels, not just in Australia, but in general terms, and they reached out hoping we could spread the word on their first release of 2018: Primitive Motion‘s House in the Wave LP. This video exhibits the band’s creative spirit, whilst working with minimal instrumentation; on this song you have little more than piano and horns dominating the mix. Everyday images are used to express the natural beauty, in both the song and the world in which we live. Perhaps my favorite element, a benefit of live recording, is the slight buzz at times in the room where two recorded; it adds an intimacy that places you right inside the room itself. Look for the group’s new LP to drop on February 23rd.

Moon Duo Covers Alan Vega

Seems like a no-brainer that I’d be into this new tune from Moon Duo, which has the band covering Alan Vega of Suicide; it’s part of the band’s new 12″ of Alan Vega and The Stooges covers. On this version, the band seem to trade in the jittery urgency of Vega’s original for a deeper propulsive throb; the natural swing is gone, stolen by the dark underbelly that Moon Duo have brought to their own tunes. It’s also a bit longer than the original by almost two minutes, allowing the band to pull you deeper into the track. This covers 12″ will be released by Sacred Bones Records on January 19th.

Hear Another New Blushing Track

Feel like we had a banner year for ATH Records last year, but 2018 seems really big (in my mind anyways). I couldn’t think of a better way to start off the new year than with the release of Blushing‘s Weak EP. The band just dropped another of the tracks from the album today, and it’s every bit as enjoyable as the entire EP. Shouldn’t have to go on and on about how much I really enjoy it, so I’ll just leave you with the tune below. You can grab the vinyl version HERE, or pick it up on sweet cassettes over HERE. Don’t forget the release show at Cheer Up Charlies on January 27th!

Really Enjoying This Berry Tune

There’s something about Berry that reminds me a lot of The Glands, who released one of my favorite records of all time. On this tune, from the band’s Everything Compromised, they enter with a playful spirit, but the vocal tones take on an affected folk vibe that dampers the mood, however slightly. They do their darndest to hit a solemn vibe, but those light keyboard lines keep just enough bounce throughout the tune to satiate your pop desires. The band will be releasing their album via Joyful Noise Recordings next week, so keep an eye out!

Dig the New Mind Spiders Tune

As avid Mind Spiders fans at ATH, we feel we should help you circle back to the band’s latest track, dropped just yesterday. It’s an interesting number, opening with what seems a sampled drum pulse before vocals start being thrown through your speakers from a distance. You can hear a faint tension in the building of the guitars, but it’s never fully unleashed, coated in a darkened cloud that rides the track out. Eventually, voices are gone and you have the band delving into their own propulsive sound as the track fades out. It’s the title track from their new effort Furies, which will be released by Dirtnap Records on January 26th.

Popper Burns Drop New Video

I owe my fandom of Popper Burns entirely to Big Bill, who really brought the band to my attention when we were first putting together Slack Capital. Since that moment, I’ve been a ravenous fan, trying to hit up as many shows to catch the group’s tenacious live set. They’re preparing to release Pure Disgust this April, and in anticipation they’ve teased us with this incredible video for “Sun Tan.” The track captures exactly why this band is so important; they’re angular guitar lines seem increasingly dangerous as the track forces forward, but it’s offset by the vocal delivery from Patti Melt, steadying the boat to allow accessibility for the masses. Definitely an act to keep an eye on this year!

New Music from Youth in a Roman Field

You might recognize the voice of Claire Wellin, who plays violin and sings withSan Fermin…but she’s currently working on her own Youth in a Roman Field project. The tune below has this vocal fragility to it, almost as if Wellin is holding something back. Musically, the vocals work over light string arrangements and careful chord strums working atop a simple piano backbone. But just before we hit the two minute mark, the strings pick up pace, horns enter the picture, and the song jumps into this swelling folk opus that’s delightful. This song will feature on the new Storm Conductor LP, slated for release later this year. She’s hitting the road this week in the Midwest; check tour dates HERE.

Fuzzy Rocker from Bummerville

Pressing play on the latest tune from Bummerville immediately finds your hair blown back by a fuzzy distorted guitar and an effortless feeling of cool. The vocals here are hidden a bit in the mix, but you can still easily feel the swagger pouring through your speaker. In the best fashion, the song swings in in just under two minutes, crackling through your speakers with just enough to keep your ears satiated. The band, led by Daniel Brady Lynch, will be releasing their first proper LP, Bottom Feeder, on January 26th via Graveface Records.

New Music from Giving Up

Giving Up have released an incredible amount of music, but Garner Cardinals is their third full-length in a career that’s spanned over a decade. Their music has this cultish quality; it wears various textures and touches of thinks we all love, from jangling to pop punk, but it’s packaged in a unique way that outlives so many of the band’s peers. The band can at once be both noisy and playful; there always seems to be some sense of great bewilderment in the way the group looks at the world. Can’t stop playing this song below, so maybe you’ll find yourself back in the same boat; the new record hits on February 16th via Sophomore Lounge.

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