Vee VV Get the Reissue Treatment

Perhaps the greatest thing about the Internet is that it has allowed us to reconnect with lost mates, or uncover hidden gems in the music realm…and perhaps that’s what we’re getting with this reissue from Manchester act Vee VV. Below we have one of the band’s earliest singles (1983), offering up a choppy post-punk vibe; I love how the guitar cuts across the bouncing bass line, while that matter of fact vocal delivery is always sharp. It sort of reminds me of pop version of Gang of Four…that is until they start to explore with their musicianship in the song’s latter half, settling back in for a final groove to the close. Like post-punk? Like Factory Records (Tunnelvision and Section 25 in particular)? Then you’ll want to keep an eye on EDILS, as they’ll be handling the band’s reissue in early 2019…but the single is available this week!

Magic Potion Deliver Magnificence

At first, this new Magic Potion track seems a bit odd; the guitar sounds almost sound out of sorts, falling apart at the speakers. Then the vocals enter, steadying the ship with a slight melody; it remains a bit unbalanced, but purposefully so. That allows for the outfit to lock you into the charm of the chorus, offering warmth via a more focused guitar that’s riding shotgun with the vocals. I imagine your everyday fan of guitar pop will immerse themselves in the twangy charm this new tune offers, and if that’s the case, look for Endless Graffiti on October 26th via PNKSLM.

ACL Gimme 5: The Wombats

Austin City Limits weekend one wrapped up on a high note Sunday evening and we have some incredible coverage coming very soon. Prior to our full recap, let’s have another playlist featuring ACL bands which will hopefully improve your dragging Monday. My second ACL Festival featured playlist comes from Liverpool based indie rock band The Wombats. The boys made some interesting choices from the entire lineup and hopefully you can enjoy this short five song playlist. Hit the jump for words from the band and for the playlist.

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Heavy Psych Vibes from Elvyn Rhud

Elvyn Rhud is a french psych outift who’ve just released a split 7″ with their friends from Alpha Du Centaure…and it somehow came across my desk. It’s definitely of the darker psych variety, almost like a coven brewing up a giant cauldron of haunting goodness. Slight pop elements bubble to the top from time to time, but mostly you’ll find yourself entranced in the atmosphere created in song here, lost in the cavernous sounds of French psychedelia. If you dig it, be sure to venture over to Pyrrhic Victory Recordings to get your hands on the new split 7″.

Stephen Steinbrink Shares New Single

This new Stephen Steinbrink number dropped at the end of the day yesterday, so why not start off our Friday by pointing you in the right direction…in case you missed out. While he’s toured in various acts through the years, he also has an extensive discography…but perhaps Utopia Teased will be the pinnacle. This track works around the softness of Steinbjrink’s voice and this rolling guitar line that seems built for ferrying you and your friends down some lone river even gets some aid from Melina from Jay Som to throw in some nice harmonies. Look for the new LP on November 9th via Western Vinyl.

Bangin’ New Broncho Track

Tulsa based pop group BRONCHO has picked up a ton of positive press from us over the last few years. It’s easy to write good things about a band who bring such a positive vibe to danceable pop tunes. The band’s latest track “Keep it in Line” furthers their foray into quality pop music and should firmly establish them as one of the best in the indie pop genre. Seriously, this song is so catchy and so easy to like.

BRONCHO will release new LP Bad Behavior on October 12th via Park the Van.

New Rose Ette Drops Friday

We’ve heard whispers of the forthcoming Rose Ette release, but not until the other day did we get a chance to hear any of the tunes the band would offer on their new LP. The first of the tunes is definitely in line with the indiepop vibes, landing perfectly in the zone of Alvvays or Frankie Cosmos. The second single the band is sharing is a touch more thoughtful, slowly unfurling the trickling melody of the vocals; they flesh it out with a nice distorted guitar fuzz at the latter half, though they never stray too far from melodic sense. The band will release Ignore the Feeling this Friday, but if you live in Austin…they’ll be at Hotel Vegas tonight with Blushing!

Can’t Get Enough Dan Mangan

The new Dan Mangan album More or Less is very quickly climbing up my list of favorite albums coming out this year. Now I apologize to those of you who have to wait for the release date, but trust me when I say you won’t be disappointed once the LP drops next week. For those who need more proof of the album’s greatness, I suggest you check out this new song “Cold in the Summer”. Mangan is seriously creating some of the best work of his career.

New album More or Less hits the streets on November 2nd via Arts & Crafts.

Fun Bit of Pop From Party Hardly

While in the midst of ACL season, we’re still trying to find some good music for you fine people. Leeds based Party Hardly are here to offer up some quality for those of you missing the festival with this latest single “Football”. It’s a sort of playful song which begins simple enough, but hold out for the guitar solo near the end. This one is beautifully crafted and progresses quite nicely.

Party Hardly will release new EP Cycle of Life next month.

Beautiful Pop from Red Telephone

You’ve got to sit down and tune in, particularly if you’re a fan of classic pop sounds. No one, well mostly no one, is doing it like Cardiff’s Red Telephone. I was struck immediately by Declan Andrews voice, working somewhere in that Bowie/Bolan range, though I think Andrews has a sharper ear for vocal melody. The rest of the band does their job, crafting a bright pop bounder that seems as timeless as it does, with just the slightest hint of modern psychedelia entering the picture. Probably one of my favorite tracks of the week, to be honest. Look for the band’s new single on October 19th via Libertino.

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