Rock n’ Recipes: Lower Plenty

As you’ve likely seen, I raved and raved all year about the new Lower Plenty album, No Poets. So, we were fortunate enough to catch up with Al Montfort, toss him a few questions, plus get a most excellent Dahl recipe that you can try out on your own time. Take a read, get to know the band, and if you’re super-inclined, be sure to grab No Poets LP from Bedroom Suck Records.

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Stream New Album From Subsonic Eye

As we ease into another long awaited Friday, I suggest you take some time today to enjoy this new album entitled All Around You from the Singapore based outfit Subsonic Eye. Previously we shared with you the banger of a single “J-O-B,” which should’ve offered just a small tease of what was to come for their 10 song LP.  For me, it’s a gem of a collection with an expert portrayal of what indie pop used to represent while still sounding fresh and invigorating.  Please do check this one out.

If you’re feeling these tunes, the band has several physical purchase options over on bandcamp coming to you from the stellar US label Topshelf Records

Album Stream: Adrian Marner’s The College Years

Adrian Marner first popped into my eras when we covered his single “Cracks of Time;” it had the sort of innocence of Elliott Smith, albeit with a bit of a more of a pop sparkle to it. This approach sticks around for the College Years, bringing you bedside as Marner works with heavy strums and a voice that wears a bit of production magic. While standout singles like “The Unsaid Goodbye” and previously mentioned “Cracks of Time” are surefire hits; I’ve found myself gravitating towards “Rock Star Fatigue” and “My Best Friend” as other stopping points for those just popping in for a quick listen. Each song has its own little charms if you dig in, and in the grand scheme, it feels like Marner is setting the scene for what could be a very promising catalog. The College Years is out today courtesy of Zerowell Records.

Stream A New LP From Bedroom Eyes

While you’re looking for more tunes to enjoy this weekend, might I suggest this new, 9 song, full length album from Boston based group Bedroom Eyes. Having honed their craft for over 10 years now, new album Turned Away, shows a band leaning heavily into the noise of shoegaze with driving bass lines and rapidly paced drum beats. This is well worth a weekend listen. If you’re into it, consider a purchase over on bandcamp for either streaming or physical consumption.

Elder Jack Ward – The Storm

Rating: ★★★☆☆

Jesus is coming back soon, and Elder Jack Ward wants to make sure you’re ready. He sure was.

Perhaps he knew his time was coming soon, so it’s no surprise the veteran Memphis gospel-soul singer wanted to use his last breaths to continue spreading the Word through music to anyone with ears to hear. He went to visit the heavenly realms in April, just months before this posthumous album’s release, but if you’re not ready to be converted, this album may not be for you.

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Stream Kukulkan, the New LP from Uay

I will always do my best to rep the Mexican band’s that get sent my way, and it’s an easy thing to do when you listen to Uay and their new album, Kukulkan. The simplest way to label the record would be to submerge the sound in the revival of psychedelia, and sure, those elements exist, but in the corners of the songs, that’s where they manage to really captivate and move beyond. For instance, you can almost feel the psychedelic turn to cumbia if you take on a song like “Inexplicable,” which seems to meld into something similar to the “chicha” sounds. You still get those classic numbers of fiery guitar sounds and mind-melting vibes on a track like “La Llorona,” though I’ve grown partial to album closer “Recado.” This tune sort of takes on a space trance, that eventually makes way for a sort of slow burning fire dance that wraps up Kukulkan. If you dig, and you should because its better than King Gizzard, grab the LP from Half Shell Records.

Letting Up Despite Great Faults Release Crumble EP

This can be filed under the pile of stuff I should have posted days ago, as I’m always going to be a huge supporter of local faves Letting Up Despite Great Faults, who just dropped their Crumble EP on Tuesday. After returning last year with IV, the band are really on a roll, almost feeling like they’re hitting their peak, so to speak. They open with this dreamed-out stomp on “The Do-Over,” with Annah on lead vocals providing that sort of ethereal mentality to the sound. Personally, I love the record’s “Richochet” tune, as it started off with this heavy groove that reminded me of the early days when I fell in love with that post-punk sound…like late 80s New Order and Cure record. It’s a little treat for fans, but let’s hope they can continue this rad songwriting push!

Meet the SXSW Band: Dropper

Pushing forward and the SXSW emails are coming in fast and furiously. So, hopefully if you’re in the same boat, you’ll take a little time in your day to rest and and read about Dropper, one of the acts making their way to SXSW this year. They’ll likely be filling thheir set with hits from last year’s Don’t Talk to Me, with hopefully some new tunes in the works as well. The usual set of questions, giving you the chance to know what could be your next favorite band.

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Heavenly Announce Le Jardin de Heavenly Reissue

If ever there was a band that deserved the full reissue treatment, it’s Heavenly. Luckily, the band have opted to handle these reissues on their own Skep Wax label, with indiepop classic Le Jardin de Heavenly the next up on the list of releases. This record is the one most adored, and admittedly, it does have my absolute favorite song from the band “So Little Deserve” in the tracklist (I’m still partial to Heavenly vs Satan though!). The original LP was co-released by K Records and Sarah Records, so you can clearly hear the impact of early DIY pop in these songs. This is one that can’t be missed, so be sure to order your copy from Skep Wax; it should arrive to you around May 12th!


Stream There’s No I In Spice World from Spice World

I know there are tons of great releases spread out through 2023 already, but I’ve already got There’s No I In Spice World penciled into my Top Ten of the year, and it’s only the 3rd week of January. To be fair, I’d put it there on the back of my favorite tune “Mountain Pony 20” alone, which I’m pretty sure I’ve played nearly 1000 times already. The band manage to walk this line between weary pop and energetic jangling pop. “Useless Feeling” offers that more upbeat churn you’ve come to expect from the current crop of Aussie outfits; the chorus is sublime tossing the steady beat into this joyous dual-vocal euphoria. You’ll find more explorative tracks like “Snake Oil” or “What a Pity What a Shame,” but regardless, you’ve got to stick out ’til the end to play “Dying to Go” at least a handful of times with a smile on your face. Spice World‘s new album is out today via Tenth Court/Meritorio.

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