Heavenly Announce Le Jardin de Heavenly Reissue

If ever there was a band that deserved the full reissue treatment, it’s Heavenly. Luckily, the band have opted to handle these reissues on their own Skep Wax label, with indiepop classic Le Jardin de Heavenly the next up on the list of releases. This record is the one most adored, and admittedly, it does have my absolute favorite song from the band “So Little Deserve” in the tracklist (I’m still partial to Heavenly vs Satan though!). The original LP was co-released by K Records and Sarah Records, so you can clearly hear the impact of early DIY pop in these songs. This is one that can’t be missed, so be sure to order your copy from Skep Wax; it should arrive to you around May 12th!


Stream There’s No I In Spice World from Spice World

I know there are tons of great releases spread out through 2023 already, but I’ve already got There’s No I In Spice World penciled into my Top Ten of the year, and it’s only the 3rd week of January. To be fair, I’d put it there on the back of my favorite tune “Mountain Pony 20” alone, which I’m pretty sure I’ve played nearly 1000 times already. The band manage to walk this line between weary pop and energetic jangling pop. “Useless Feeling” offers that more upbeat churn you’ve come to expect from the current crop of Aussie outfits; the chorus is sublime tossing the steady beat into this joyous dual-vocal euphoria. You’ll find more explorative tracks like “Snake Oil” or “What a Pity What a Shame,” but regardless, you’ve got to stick out ’til the end to play “Dying to Go” at least a handful of times with a smile on your face. Spice World‘s new album is out today via Tenth Court/Meritorio.

Love Burns Release Fade in the Sun EP

If you recall, we, along with other various label friends, helped get the debut Love Burns album out into the world (still got a few tapes left if and you like). Well, we were happy to be part of that, and now it looks like Phil and company are ready to make your Bandcamp Friday super easy…just click “BUY” on this new digital only EP. It’s four brilliant pop songs, continuing to show off the striking songwriting in Sutton’s repertoire. Me, I love “Forever in Bliss;” there’s something about it that just feels huge, like a giant of a pop rock tune built for arenas of dancing fans. However, as with all things Love Burns, there’s not a miss here, so head over and grab the Fade in the Sun EP.

Stream New Album From Gold Star

If you’re looking for even more album streams for the weekend, might I suggest you check out Headlights U.S.A. (Pts. I & II) from Los Angeles based artist Gold Star. The man behind the name, Marlon Rabenreither, truly creates a cohesive and engaging albums worth of Americana inspired, driving indie rock tunes. One might pick up hints of War on Drugs at times mixed with something a bit more playful or twangy like Fruit Bats or Night Moves. It should be a great soundtrack to cooler temps and long road trips.

If you like what you hear, pick up an LP over on the Gold Star bandcamp page.

Friday Streams: The Radio Field, 2nd Grade, Matching Outfits, Midwestern Medicine, Eerie Wanda

We tend to cover a lot of stuff, and well, sometimes we don’t get the dedicated album review or streams, but today I had a spare minute, so I wanted to throw up some great album streams for you, all from bands who we’ve covered recently. They’ve al dropped releases in the last two weeks, and this is a great way for you to spend your time, if you haven’t already done so, or planned to do so!

The Radio FieldSimple EP (Subjangle)

FFO: Teenage Fanclub, Boys with the Perpetual Nervousness, Lucksmiths

2nd GradeEasy Listening (Double Double Whammy)

FFO: Deadbeat Beat, Young Guv

Matching OufitsBand Made Out of Sand (Kitchen Leg)

FFO: Dry Cleaning, Blonde Redhead, Broadcast

Midwestern MedicineThe Gold Baton (Website Records)

FFO: Built to Spill, Neutral Milk Hotel

Eerie WandaInternal Radio (Joyful Noise)

FFO: Tess Roby, Aldous Harding

Stream Jim Nothing’s Debut Album, In the Marigolds

New Zealand’s Jim Nothing are no stranger to these pages the last few months, but seeing as they’re a little bit ahead of us in terms of daylight, we get to stream their debut LP a bit earlier than Friday! For those of you into the traditions of lo-fi and early 80s DIY aesthetics, you’re certainly going to feel the charms of this entire listen. Take “Seahorse Kingdom,” for example, using this thumping rhythm and aura of whimsy to carry the exuberance of the song immediately to the listener. Maybe you want to swing the other way and hit on one of the great singles like “Fall Back Down,” which reminds me a lot of their Oceanic neighbors Twerps (and other “dole” wave) acts. Brief songs and steady bounce just guarantee you’ll run right over to Meritorio Records/Melted Ice Cream and grab yourself a copy of In the Marigolds!

Stream Pet Owner’s Natural Behavior

I’ve spent the last few months encouraging you to spend some time with Switzerland’s Pet Owner, and now, you can stream the project’s new album, Natural Behaviour in its entirety. We’ve previously covered tracks “Hi-Res” and “Helping Hand,” but rest assured you can dive into all sorts of vibes; I know I’ve been gravitating towards “Soft Body” on my listens, but the slow build of “Sugar Rush” isn’t a bad route to travel either. Take a little bit of time out of your day right now, kick back and enjoy the craft of Lea Mathis and her Pet Owner project.

Stream Skinny Dippers The Town & the City

We’ve covered a majority of the single from Skinny Dippers new LP, and well, it dropped last week, so we wanted to be sure that you were reminded to spend some time with The Town & the City. When it opens, you get some light guitar pop, akin to acts like Real Estate, drawing light melodies from the vocals to build your interest. But, what makes the entirety of the record so rewarding is that Ryan Gross has no problem switching gears, offering the lonesome ballad of “Big City, Small Apartement” before bouncing off to classic indie pop vibes with “Past Selves.” But, be sure you don’t ignore the album closer, “I Would Like to Say I Always Loved You,” which might be the best song Nada Surf never wrote. Anyways, stream it below, and enjoy!

Dandy Boy Records Drops Welcome to Oakland Comp

I’ll be honest…there’s not a spot in the country that’s dropping better tunes than the Oakland/San Francisco scene; we’ve covered tons of those projects here on our end of things, so you know we’re continuously enamored. But, let’s say you just stumbled upon our site for the first time…and you’re looking for something new? Well, Welcome to Oakland! This compilation was put together by Dandy Boy Records, highlighting the incredible underground scene going on in the Bay Area right now. You get hits from ATH mainstays like RE Seraphin or Blue Ocean, plus a delicious Yea Ming and the Rumours reminder, not to mention a hot James Wavey tune! Just click below and let it hit you, or bounce to the site and pick your favorite jam.

Stream Team Play’s Debut Album, Wishes and Desires

There’s always a soft spot in my heart for really moving pop music, such as you’ll find in the debut album from Finland’s Team Play. The duo have called this collection “gothic hymns,” celebrating the voice of humanity; the whole of the record is really about the vocal interplay between Minja and Tapio, combining and overlapping one another as they music fills in the empty spaces behind them. “Sunrise” has this beautiful rolling opening moment that sets you up to fall in love with the brooding emotions. Personally, I keep going back to “Foggy Night,” which sparkles with this delicateness that seems unparalleled in the current climate. Wishes and Desires is available today from Soliti Music.

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