Rock n’ Recipes: Thibault

Hopefully you’ve caught me news of the forthcoming Thibault record on our site over the last few months, and we were fortunate to reach out to Nicole to have her participate in our Rock n’ Recipes feature we’ve been working on. Plus, we get a peek at a brand new single, “Wanting to Be Alone.” Read on to catch a look into band’s new LP, Or Not Thibault, which you can grab HERE or wait until it drops Friday via Chapter Music! Plus, learn how to make some delicious Rainbow Roasted Vegetables.

ATH: You’re returning to the scene after a little time off to raise a family. How has the musical landscape changed in those ten years? Or at least, how has your perspective changed?

Nicole: I am a lot more chill. I dont care about what anyone thinks about me. It helps that Im surrounded by only amazing, kind and caring talented people now, and that is very refreshing and makes the art of making music actually fun now!

ATH: With family in mind, what were the struggles pulling Or Not Thibault together? I can’t imagine trying to get organised whilst running a family was an easy affair?

Nicole: Without going into too much boring detail, I have found myself in a position whereby I have become a single parent, and let me tell you it is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I am able to play gigs again and make music again, write songs, record etc. (not that I have been doing much of any of that lately haha, but we will again soon!!)

ATH: You use a lot of musicians from the current Melbourne scene, which has been incredible the last few years. Were you able to offer any advice to them as you wrapped up recording? And, on the flip side, what new vision did they bring to the table?

Nicole: Haha – I have zero advice for recording to anyone. I was just in awe of their talent, professionalism and enthusiasm and I hope to be as good as them one day.

ATH: There’s this timelessness to the LP….this inability to place the sound in one time period or another, musically speaking. What were some of the influences that led you down this path…be it musical or otherwise.

Nicole: Listening to the radio – a lot. Movies, movie soundtracks. I really wanted to embrace everything that I had been loving and listening to and not shy away experimenting and going where no indie underground musician had ever been (lol), but also I guess Im always drawn towards 60s sounds so theres always going to be that vibe going on through it.

ATH: You are afraid of flying, so touring is always going to be a task…but, let’s say pandemic and fears are out of the way…what three bands do you take on the road with you for support on Or Not Thibault World Tour?

Nicole: Any band that has a boat or a yacht would be ideal. Failing that I would love to take The Opals (an experimental drone band that Im also lucky enough to be in) and I dont know? I think we would have to support bands, not bands support us, because were just new!

ATH: Is there an important story about the recipe you’re going to share? Is it a family favourite? Personal go-to meal?

Nicole: Not really, except that it has been a nice thing to do in the middle of stage 4 lockdown winter in Melbourne! I sort of made it accidentally, I was just going to do a vegetarian Sunday Roast and this happened and it looks really nice when it’s done!




3 whole beetroots

Whole broccoli floret

One big sweet potato or a few small ones

Half a pumpkin (any variety)

Some carrots

Big handful of potatoes (white ones that you dont have to peel ideally)

Onions (any kind)

Big bunch of rosemary chopped, dill, parsley, any fresh herbs you like really

Meredith marinated goats cheese or any kind of goats cheese (or leave out)

One sachet of Gravox

(or if youre classy make your own gravy or if you hate gravy leave out )


Pre heat oven to 220 degrees (hot)

Fill a saucepan with cold salted water and start boiling the potatoes

Fill another saucepan with cold water and do same with whole beetroots

Get your roasting pan and line with baking paper or just some nice olive oil

Peel your sweet potatoes and carrots (if you like but feel free not to)

Cut all the veggies into similar size pieces – up to you how you like them

After potatoes and beets have been boiling for about 20 mins drain and also cut

Wrap beets in al-foil and season with olive oil, dill, salt and pepper pop in oven

Place all the vegetables on the tray and colour code them so they look like a rainbow!

Season with the rosemary, salt and olive oil and pop in the oven until golden brown!

Half way through check on broccoli and either cover with al-foil or take out of oven

Make your gravy (or leave out)

Place all the veggies on plates still in rainbow formation and garnish with the extra herbs and the goats cheese

Season with lots of pepper or to taste, and enjoy!


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