Tim Kasher Announces Middling Age

Tim Kasher is one of those songwriters who I take for granted; I’ve been a fan of Cursive and his solo work (Good Life + TK), but he’s been so prolific, that I sometimes overlook an album, coming to it later. I won’t be skipping over his new LP, Middling Age, perhaps because I have a sneaking feeling the tunes will hit home lyrically as I’m nearing the same age as Tim. His first single from the new LP is strikingly stark, with perfect accents made by the backing vocals of Megan Siebe. Listening through, its like meeting up with an old friend after an absence, only to find you don’t skip a beat, as close as ever, grateful for that companionship. If you find Tim Kasher as a life-companion, like me, look for Middling Age on April 15 via Passenger Records.

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