ATH vs SOTO SXSW Party – March 12th @ Hotel Vegas

First there was Covid, then I had another kid, but I’m back this year to reignite the annual AustinTownHall vs SideOneTrackOne SXSW Party. It’s a 3 stage extravaganza over at Hotel Vegas, bringing in some of our favorite acts from all over Austin and having them throw down ridiculous sets that make us all proud of our music scene. Huge shout out to John at SOTO and 101x Homegrown for the organization, and thanks to the Vegas crew for having us back here. This year, we’ve even got a fun playlist for you to sample the tunes and share around to get your friends excited.

Show starts at 3 PM on March 12 at Hotel Vegas/Volstead! FREE! See you there!

New Music from Nathan K

nathankWednesday’s are for finding the hits to get you through the rest of the week, and luckily this new tune from Nathan K is doing just fine for me. The song’s little more than a man, his guitar and his voice; it’s all executed perfectly, which is why I’ve always loved songwriters like Nathan. He’s giving this track away, though there seems to be some sad sentiment in the song’s message/little note; I’m hoping everything’s okay on that end. Regardless, enjoy a great song and look into Nathan’s work while you’ve got the chance.

New Single from Tuff Shunshine

tuffThis brand new Tuff Sunshine track came into the ATH offices this morning, and it’s really hard to turn it off. It recalls that perfect era of indie rock, at least to me, during the late 90s and early 00s where Americana and punk rock all started to fuse (outside the emo realm).  It’s got this incredible groove that drives it, but there’s also this distinctive quality that makes it feel like the brother of Superchunk, just a bit warmer on the ears. The NYC trio will release Fire in the Hero Building on October 31st.


Download: Tuff Sunshine – Dreamin’ [MP3]

Something New from Human Music

humanmusicI know it’s easy for us to write about all your favorite news from the other sites, but I really try to find things on the weekend that you’re not getting anywhere else, like Winnipeg’s Human Music.  It caught me at first because of the Soft Boys reference, but musically, it’s pretty marvelous.  There’s a pop sensibility, but there’s also some great structural experimentation at work here…like a post-punk band taking on their inner jam tendencies.  You can find the entire stream of their excellent new album, Sup, by clicking HERE…I know I’m hooked. Want great music? This is it. Look for the release on Sundowning Sound Recordings now.


Download: Human Music – Cool Party [MP3]


ATX Show Spotlight: Austin Bands Play Siamese Dream @ Holy Mountain – TONIGHT

It’s Thursday, and you’re winding down your week.  I think it’s probably best that you go spend it over at Holy Mountain watching some great musicians play Smashing Pumpkins‘ Siamese Dream from front to back.  It’s a cool idea, and even cooler since the acts playing will be made up of members of Que Pasa, She Sir, Major x 3, Alex Napping, Lunar Gold, Letting Up Despite Great Faults, Ringo Deathstarr and more. And, as if one of our favorite venues wasn’t going to be filled with some of our favorite people wasn’t enough for you, it’s absolutely FREE.  You have no excuse.


Hear Another Track from Y33BA

glamAbout a month ago I brought you a new track from Y33BA, the secretive New York outfit also known as Your 33 Black Angels.  Today, I’ve got a new song from the group, and this one seems a lot more straightforward in its presentation. The song is just as propulsive as the early single, though there definitely sounds like there’s a Nada Surf presence on this tune, which would make sense seeing as both bands call NYC home.  On May 12th, you’ll finally get a chance to hear the band’s newest record, Glamour, which will probably sneak into a lot of your friend’s record collections. Hear why below!


Download: Y33BA – Cruise Fun [MP3]

Hear Another Birds of Night Tune

birdiesA few weeks back we were fortunate to premiere the first single off the new Birds of Night tune, and now they’ve returned with another smoldering indie rock groover.  The Denton band’s newest tune has them in the territory of early TV on the Radio, exploring the range of the vocals, yet there’s some continued progression of the seemingly non-stop soloing guitar; it creates a sensation of consistently being pushed forward, consistently enjoying yourself as your fueled by the sputtering energy. Their self-titled LP will be out on April 21st, so keep a look out.


Download: Birds of Night – Asleep in the Pine [MP3]


Another Free Dot Dash Jam

ddsWhy not bring you another Dot Dash tune, courtesy of our favorite little DC band.  Why do I love the band so much, you ask? They blend all these elements that have become the core of my listening…fusing power pop, punk, post rock and even some doses of indie pop.  It’s quite a blend, and all those elements actually seem to be crammed tightly into this quick little jam they’ve offered up to their fans.  It’s one of the many special jams you’ll find endearing on their newest effort, Earthquakes & Tidal Waves, which is available now via The Beautiful Music.


Download: Dot Dash – The Winter of Discontent [MP3]

Trinidad Jame$ Is No One Trick Pony

no-one-is-safeWhen Trinidad Jame$ first hit the scene in late 2012 with “All Gold Everything” many people in the hip-hop community labeled him a one-trick pony most likely destined to disappear as quickly as he appeared. Two and a half years and four mixtapes later he’s still around, displaying a surprising amount of depth and creativity in his music. His most recent mixtape No One Is Safe dropped January 20th. Some of the highlights include “H.O.M.E.“, a letter from Trinidad Jame$ to himself about music industry struggles, and “T Jame$ Expre$$“, a vulgar and predictable dance song over a hypnotic bass line. The mixtape can be streamed via Trinidad Jame$’s Soundcloud page or it can be downloaded for free from DatPiff.

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