Last Week’s Jams (2.5 – 2.9)

We had a windows down car drive end to the week, so here we are looking at all the hits we covered in the last week. There were a few jams like the new single from Gentleman Jesse or the Pheromoans latest that aren’t anywhere on DPS, but we’ve got tons of other jams from the week. I really loved the new bops from Johnnie Carwash, Icarus Phoenixand Flowertown, while Ray snuck in some new Mini Trees and Acid Tongue. Plus, we tried to suggest you take listens to new LPs from Itasca, David Nance, Dead Bandit and Pylon Reenactment Society, so if anything, sample a tune here and there from the new records. Get in and drive with Last Week’s Jams.

Gentleman Jesse Preps 7″ for Drunk Dial Records

Drunk Dial Records is an interesting concept; the label encourages bands to get together for a 24 hour drinking session, record a new tune and then rip a solid cover. The spontaneity and inebriation always land on interesting results, and we’re stoked to hear that ATH fave Gentleman Jesse is on board with a new 7″ dropping this week. If you’ve been following Jesse Smith’s trajectory over the last several decades, the power-pop enthusiasm should come as no surprise here. But, for me, it’s the breakdown, perhaps booze-infused jamming, where I begin to grin, as Smith stretches the tune into some darkened regions that he pulls off perfectly, right before jetting right back into a perfect howling close that would make Bolan proud. Then the trio switch into a swaying power-stance version of Mark Morrison‘s “Return of the Mack.” If you weren’t familiar with the tune, such as this 90s nerd, you might not even know its a cover, as they take it to an entirely different place. You can grab the 7″ HERE.

Last Week’s Jams, Today (5.16 – 5.20)

It’s that time of the week friends, where you get to revisit all the stuff we covered last week, mostly because we’re too lazy to do it on a Friday. We had a lot of super rad stuff, with fresh tunes from the likes of Living Hour, Interior Geometry and Lost Film. Plus, with Liars reissue treatment, I get a chance to post an old school Liars jam, so I was stoked there. Plus, our friend Nick Rad documented his fun at the Turnstile show, so I included a jam in here too, because why the heck not?! Happy Monday!

Gentleman Jesse Shares Protecting Nothing

When we began this blog back in the day, I covered Gentleman Jesse quite a bit; his work as a power pop revisionist had my attention from the start, and I felt like Leaving Atlanta was tragically overlooked. So, here we are a good ten years later, and Jesse Smith returns; he quietly dropped Lose Everything last Fall, and now there’s a brand new EP he’s working on for Third Man Records. The EP features a cover of “True” by Atlanta band the Fans, as well as this stomping ripper co-written with Greg Oblivion. Grab the Compass EP over HERE.

Gentleman Jesse Returns with Lose Everything

Jesse Smith’s Gentleman Jesse project has mostly been quiet since 2012’s Leave Atlanta, but I’m really excited that there’s finally a new album on the horizon. For my two cents, I always thought of his work as more of a power-pop brand, with a little bit of that punk ethos, but I think he probably got shoveled into the garage rock genre; I think we just shoved everything that felt lo-fi and rock in that category. Anyways, as you’ll hear on this new single, he’s always crafting these anthemic tunes that you’re meant to enjoy at home; the riffs feel huge, and there’s always this natural inclination to stomp and clap while listening. Just a big fan, and always going to back his tunes; Lose Everything is out in November via Beach Impediment Records.

New Music from Connections

Sixes_Promo2I’ve been hooked on the Connections ever since my friend Stephen of Sweet Talk turned me on to their first two LPs.  I snatched them up, and I’ve been thirsting for more, which is lucky as the band are about to release their new record, Into Sixes, next week. The latest track to surface is a perfect piece of power pop, the like I haven’t heard since the last Gentleman Jesse record.  The guitars are crisp, the cymbals shake in all the right places, and the vocals are extremely infectious; I don’t think fans of this genre will find a better LP than what these guys have to offer. They’ve also just put up a video for the single you should watch HERE.  Look for the LP next week via Anyway Records at your local store, or pre-order it HERE.



Top Albums of 2012: 50-1

Here it is.  I know you’ll hate it; I know you’ll disagree, but that’s not the point in making an arbitrary list.  We here at ATH worked really hard to fit in the tastes of the four of us, and when we decided upon our Top 50, it really boied down to simple math.  What albums did we love when they came out?  Do we still enjoy spinning those records months later? If they’re in the Top 50, then the asnwer is probably yes.  I mean, our Top 2 records came out in January, and still play a vital part in my weekly listening.  There’s no disclaimer here.  We are who we are, we like what we like, and we hope that’s okay with you. If not, drop us a line and let us know where we went wrong.

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Gentleman Jesse and His Men @ Beerland (8/12)

Date Thursday, August 12th
Location Beerland
Doors 900p
Tickets Around $6?

I’ve been all about Gentleman Jesse for ages, and I haven’t ever gotten the chance to see him, though he’s been through town on several occasions.  He’s going to blow Beerland away with his straight power pop with a twist of punk.  You have no idea how fun this could really be. Other great bands will be on hand such as White Mystery, The Barreracudas and Pleasure Kills.  Sounds like a solid way to spend a night on the town.  Want to meet up?


Download: Gentleman Jesse & His Men – The Rest of my Days [MP3]

New Tunes from The Biters

Who likes power pop? I do. I do.  Seriously, when I heard The Biters, I just went straight to iTunes and grabbed their EP.  I mean, its part Exploding Hearts, part Gentleman Jesse, and all parts just awesome.  There’s nothing arty or dancy, or even intricate for that matter, it’s just straight ahead rock n’ roll, like the good old days.  It fuels you with energy, and it’ll make your smile large. You gid?


Download: The Biters – Hang Around [MP3]

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