Top Albums of 2012: 50-1

Here it is.  I know you’ll hate it; I know you’ll disagree, but that’s not the point in making an arbitrary list.  We here at ATH worked really hard to fit in the tastes of the four of us, and when we decided upon our Top 50, it really boied down to simple math.  What albums did we love when they came out?  Do we still enjoy spinning those records months later? If they’re in the Top 50, then the asnwer is probably yes.  I mean, our Top 2 records came out in January, and still play a vital part in my weekly listening.  There’s no disclaimer here.  We are who we are, we like what we like, and we hope that’s okay with you. If not, drop us a line and let us know where we went wrong.

50 – TanlinesMixed Emotions

49 – Crystal CastlesIII

48 – Field MusicPlumb

47 – Sonic AvenuesTelevision Youth

46 – Deep TimeDeep Time

45 – Ariel Pink’s Haunted GraffitiMature Themes

44 – Andrew BirdHands of Glory

43 – JBMStray Ashes

42 – Still FlyinOn a Bedroom Wall

41 – PlateausPlateaus

40 – Mac Demarco2

39 – Thee Oh SeesPutrifiers II

38 – Bear In HeavenI Love You, It’s Cool

37 – The BankeesHome

36 – Letting Up Despite Great FaultsUntogether

35 – Black MarbleA Different Arrangement

34 – DIIVOshin

33 – Frankie RoseInterstellar

32 – Cult of YouthLove Will Prevail

31 – ExloversMoth

30 – Nude BeachII

29 – Punks On MarsBad Expectations

28 – The IntelligenceEveryboyd’s Got It Easy But Me

27 – Magic TrickRuler of the Night

26 – Literature Arab Spring

25 – Sharon Van EttenTramp

24 – Eternal Summers – Correct Behavior

23 – Tame ImpalaLonerism

22 – ChromaticsKill For Love

21 – The Fresh & OnlysLong Slow Dance

20 – Dirty ProjectorsSwing Lo Magellan

19 – Wild NothingNocturne

18 – HunxHairdresser Blues

17 – Standard FareOut of Sight, Out of Town

16 – Beach HouseBloom

15 – Grass Widow Internal Logic

14 – WoodsBend Beyond

13 – Royal HeadacheRoyal Headache

12 – The MenOpen Up Your Heart

11- Mystery JetsRadlands

10 – Twin ShadowConfess

9 – Grizzly BearShields

8 – Cats on FireAll Blackshirts to Me

7 – The WalkmenHeaven

6 – I Was a KingYou Love It Here

5 – Gentleman Jesse & His MenLeaving Atlanta

4 – The Tallest Man on EarthThere’s No Leaving Low

3 – Sea PinksFreak Waves

2 – Cloud NothingsAttack on Memory

1- Terry MaltsKilling Time

So there it is. Why are you hating on us already? Here’s a few thoughts on why Killing Time made #1.  First, I wake up in the morning and it pumps me up; I can sing along in the shower, fueled by the guitars.  Second, I can hit the gym and get pumped up without listening to dub step; it’s great to run to.  Third, it’s perfect to blast while driving down the highway with the wind in your hair.  Fourth, it reminds me of being a kid; there’s no frills, just punk rock filled with bits of modern indie rock.  Finally, it’s a solid record from start to finish; I still jam to it more than twice a week, and I still love it.  It’s hard to find another record on this list that fits into every aspect of my life, thus making it the best listen I’ve had all year. Oh, and it’s one of the few records I gave 5 stars to in our short five year span as a site. Cheers.


  • The top 10 most vast, massive, triumphant, soaring, relentless, distorted, eerie, heartbreaking, intimate, and hauntingly beautiful albums of 2012:

    Dead Can Dance – Anastasis
    Godspeed You! Black Emperor – ‘Allelujah! Don’t Bend! Ascend!
    Hammock – Departure Songs
    Matthew Dear – Beams
    Perfume Genius – Put Your Back N 2 It
    The Raveonettes – Observator
    Sigur Rós – Valtari
    Swans – The Seer
    Trust – TRST
    Xiu Xiu – Always

  • 1. Now, Now “Threads”
    2. Guided By Voices “The Bears For Lunch”
    3. Cursive “I Am Gemini”
    4. Fang Island “Major”
    5. Deerhoof “Breakup Song”
    6. Animal Collective “Centipede Hz”
    7. Godspeed You! Black Emperor
    “Allelujah! Don’t Bend! Ascend!”
    8. Pinback “Information Retrieved”
    9. Grizzly Bear “Shields”
    10. Motel Beds “Dumb Gold”
    11. Clinic “Free Reign”
    12. The Sea And Cake “Runner”
    13. Imperial Teen “Feel The Sound”
    14. Thee Oh Sees “Putrifier II”
    15. Ty Segall “Twins”
    16. Coheed And Cambria “The Afterman”
    17. Menomena “Moms”
    18. Yellow Ostrich “Strange Land”
    19. Robert Pollard “Jack Sells The Cow”
    20. Baroness “Yellow And Green”
    21. Liars “WIXIW”
    22. John K. Samson “Provincial”
    23. Cloud Nothings “Attack On Memory”
    24. Dirty Projectors “Swing Lo Magellan”
    25. Tame Impala “Lonerism”

  • gotta respect the #1, if only for the relative longevity …. reviewed back in Feb, still #1 in December. Its easy to burn yourself out on even a good album after several months.

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