Tugboat Captain Share Brand New Single, Flash of Light

Having been away for a few years after the release of the excellent Rut, Tugboat Captain return with a fresh tune, hopefully with the promise of a new LP down the line. On this record, as with many artists during the pandemic, you can hear how the band began to explore new territory; the opening alone on this track is louder than anything they’ve done to date, ringing with guitars once you press play. And while I love a bit of noise, the band’s delicate notes do appear once you peel back the layers; the song even fades out beautifully with this light piano and powerful vocal. It’ll be interesting to hear more from the band as we kick on in 2023.

Pynch Share New Single “2009”

Aaaaaand we’re back! Apologies for the absence over the last couple of days, but it appears our server issues may be fixed (for now). During our time screaming at the computer, we missed on several great new tracks, including this one called “2009” from our London friends Pynch. It has a mellow, sort of low key, almost grooving style to it that is offering me some steady beats and chill moods during my time of mental frustration. Nice to have this band back and ready for their debut album Howling at a Concrete Moon coming on April 14th via Chillburn Recordings. Pre-orders are live for the album now. Hey, who doesn’t love some Dr. Pepper?

The Tubs Share Dead Meat Single

As if the Tubs hadn’t made a statement with their debut EP, it looks like their new album for Trouble in Mind is going to take their sound to the next level. Today’s new single is this quick gasoline fueled punch, or so it might seem at first. When the song first spits out of your speakers, the tune rushes in, offering a sort of matter of fact lecture via the vocal delivery. But, while the guitars ring with a coated jangle, a new vocal decides to bring in a more concrete melody, accented by this little guitar noodling in this crystalline manner. A nice new jam for your Wednesday; Dead Meat will be out on January 27th.

New Video & Single From Cowboyy

London based lads cowboyy have really been picking up some buzz in the music blog world after having only formed in January of this year. Their very first song, “gmaps”, came out earlier this year and we failed to post at the time so this seems like a perfect time to share the new video for the previously released tune. It’s just so damn catchy and fun. Loving the way the guitar work is sort of playful but also fills out the entire sound of the song.

Cowboyy will release their debut EP Epic the Movie on March 6th via Nice Swan Records. Pre-orders are live now.

Hadda Be Share Mercurial Single

Last year, Hadda Be released their excellent Another Life LP, a record that was filled equally with pop and rock hooks. But, having roots in the post-punk arena, the band seem ready to flex that muscle again with their latest single. There’s certainly an angular notion that comes from the guitar, stabbing at the speakers, setting up the song for this openness that allows for the vocals to sweep into the picture. What I love here is the band tight-roping that walk between various genres, sharp in some spots, dreamy in others, ultimately leading you to a chorus that serves as your reward. Once it hits, you can feel the bravado in the voice, operating with this sense of cool that’s coated in melody. Enjoy a new ditty here!

Paul Cook and the Chronicles Shares New Single

Paul Cook and the Chronicles have popped up over here on ATH throughout the years, with the band steadily churning out incredible pop songs. Friday, the band dropped a brand new single, leaving us with this crisp bit of churning guitars that scream with melody. Cook’s voice is always a charmer, able to stretch into different tones, but the highlight of this song came via the track’s closing moments; it’s a sharp little jam that would likely have fans of acts like War on Drugs salivating at the musicianship, which seems like plenty of reason to get behind the band. Keep an eye out, as the band continue to crank out hit after hit!

Slaney Bay Drop New Single LS6

We’re gearing up for Levitation tomorrow of course, but that doesn’t mean we’ve stopped listening to new tunes to share with our many, many fans. If you’re looking for something bright, yet a little hazy, with tons of emotional force, look no further than this new single “LS6” from London based upstarts Slaney Bay. I really love the almost POBPAH influence here with distinct juxtapositions between the slower moments and the more energetic and bass driven crescendos. It’s certainly worth your time.

Slaney Bay will release this singe as part of their debut EP entitled A Life Worth Living on November 11th.


Another Banger From Jaws The Shark

London based artist Olly Bailey has really been delivering some solid, rocking jams recently under his recording moniker Jaws the Shark. Today his new single called “Reno” is yet another real example of a true knack for crafting some catchy, raucous, and energy packed rock tunes. Take some time to give it a listen, you won’t be disappointed.

Jaws the Shark will be releasing this track as part of a self-titled EP due out on November 25th via So Recordings.


Shake Chain Share Internet Single

London’s Shnake Chain are getting a lot of buzz overseas, not that we’d necessarily catch all that over here. Luckily, we keep an eye out on Upset the Rhythm, so this tune felt like the perfect wake-up call for you. Musically, the song snakes its way between dangerous punk notes and pulsating bounce, allowing the notes to playfully move all around a crowd of listeners. Musically it’s right in my wheelhouse, but taking it to the next level is Kate Mahony’s performance, wiggling and gyrating through a vocal performance that almost feels like it’s coming to you live; you can feel the sinister energy, and in that, you’re sucked into the band’s sound and performance. Sounds like an angrier Duchess Says to me. Shake Chain release their self-titled LP on November 18th via Upset the Rhythm.

Another Jam From Automan

Back in May we were treated to a remarkable introduction to London based group Automan with the release of their single “Are You Happy Without Me”. After impressing us at the start of summer, the dudes are again leaving an impression on us with this new track called “Dreamland”. In the end, it’s a really simple sort of indie rock song with a subtle pop inspiration, but often the simplest tracks can result in some of the most memorable tunes. As a three piece the band somehow sound completely fleshed out and full of smooth drum beats, slick bass, and bright guitar solos. Nice finish to the day.


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