Shake Chain Share Internet Single

London’s Shnake Chain are getting a lot of buzz overseas, not that we’d necessarily catch all that over here. Luckily, we keep an eye out on Upset the Rhythm, so this tune felt like the perfect wake-up call for you. Musically, the song snakes its way between dangerous punk notes and pulsating bounce, allowing the notes to playfully move all around a crowd of listeners. Musically it’s right in my wheelhouse, but taking it to the next level is Kate Mahony’s performance, wiggling and gyrating through a vocal performance that almost feels like it’s coming to you live; you can feel the sinister energy, and in that, you’re sucked into the band’s sound and performance. Sounds like an angrier Duchess Says to me. Shake Chain release their self-titled LP on November 18th via Upset the Rhythm.

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