Cola Drop Fulton Park Video

I’ve really enjoyed spending some time with the new Cola album, which will be out at the end of this Week. Today, the band dropped the video for “Fulton Park,” which is one of the tunes I kept going back to as I listened to the LP. There’s this clever little plodding bounce to it; it’s kind of like a happy circle pit, but it’s broken up by this sort of sputtering noise with Tim Darcy’s voice draped over the downward spiral. Something about this tune just felt more imaginative, more thoughtful in its purposeful unfolding than I think we got before, illustrating that Cola definitely have some tricks up their sleeve. Look for Deep in View on Friday via Fire Talk.

Cola Announce Deep View

Cola‘s album announcement is yesterday’s news, and it came with this great video here, so I couldn’t just ignore it. That, and well, I’m a huge Tim Darcy stan, so it definitely is fitting over here. Honestly, this doesn’t feel too far off from Ought, those there’s a little bit more softness on the notes here, hints at sunnier melodies lurking. Darcy’s performance in the chorus feels a touch like Travis Morrison, adding emphasis without really stretching his pipes too far. All of it feels like the next logical step for Darcy and his new band, as you could feel him toying more with melody as Ought progressed. But, there’s still this bit of wildness in his songwriting, and if he keeps that, Deep View‘s going to be a surefire hit; it’s out on Fire Talk on May 20th.

Cola Sign with Fire Talk (former members of Ought)

Man, I’m a huge Tim Darcy fan, so hearing that Ought are calling it a day is a bit sad; the band had a solid run that I’m grateful is part of my collection…not to mention the great shows I’ve caught. Luckily, with the announcement of their disbandment comes news of Cola, a new project featuring Tim and Ben) is very much welcome on my end…particularly as they’re sprinkling it in with a new single courtesy of Fire Talk. Honestly, hearing the song and the way that it sort of feels like a meditative state feels very much like the next logical step. Hints of playing with the expanse of sonic exploration was always on the cards, but this feels somewhat leaning into that a bit further, tossing in some melodic undercurrents too to maximize the charm. This sounds like a crash between Ought and Broken Social Scene, and I don’t mind that one bit.

ACL Weekend Two Wrap-Up

No Spoilers.

Admittedly, all the huge buzz leaks out as all the kids party on Weekend One, so attending Weekend Two for the first time, I was curious as to whether or not it could keep the same vibe from its predecessor. Surprisingly, the fest didn’t seem to miss a beat.

We have photos from around the grounds, randoms and portraits, friends and colleagues, bootlickers and signs. We also have plenty of notes rehashing last week’s favorites and highlighting the changes, so read on for highlights.

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ACL 2017 In Photos: Saturday – Weekend One

Time for more photos from the Great Lawn. Thanks for coming.

The Saturday edition of photos features a new local supergroup, a not local supergroup, some singers and song-writers, local heroes and super dance pop. We also pepper in some tribute time for Tom Petty. We heard plenty of Petty covers over the weekend, but the best thing was shutting down all the stages for a moment to playback his rendition of “Freefallin'” from a headlining set a few years back as skydivers jumped out of plane above the festival and floated down with sparkler boots. It was giant sing-along, lighters up.

Bands captured – Ought, Mobley, Capyac, Traveller, Car Seat Headrest, Dreamcar, Thundercat, Angel Olsen, Cut Copy and Spoon

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ACL Weekend One Recap

A fun, exciting, and sometimes exhausting Weekend one of Austin City Limits Festival is officially in the books kids. As always, the organizers managed to run things like a well oiled machine of music festival royalty. We saw some significant changes this year for the first time in awhile, and while many might have been skeptical at first, things still went off without a hitch. For weekend one, myself, Nicole, and BGray were all in attendance frantically covering as much ground as possible. We’ll start some recaps today with thoughts from all three of us and some quick shots from photo man Brian.

Hit the jump for more.

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ACL 2017 – An ATH Playlist

Well ACL is officially here ladies and germs. Hopefully you’ve looked over your schedule a bit or maybe checked out some guides and interviews provided by your trusty ATH staff. If you’re still in need of some musical recommendations, I spent a bit of time this week putting together a playlist of my top bands for both weekends. It’s lengthy so skip anything you aren’t feeling and hit the ACL schedule for anything that catches your ear. I recommend a little shuffle action.

The Top ACL Undercard Acts

Unfortunately, a festival has to curate line-ups that cater to that audience, and as such, some bands unfortunately fall victim to the undercard slot…the slot before the day really gets going or on the smaller stages. Whether you see it as a slight, or just one of the many headaches with scheduling a mass festival…here are my highlights for bands on the Undercard slot (pre-2 PM).

Recent things that we loved that fit this description: Lucy Dacus, Slaves, Jose Gonzalez, Albert Hammond Jr., Rey Pila, The Rosebuds, Wild Nothing, FIDLAR, Widowspeak, Pinback, Willis Earl Beal, Gardens & Villa, and on and on…

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Did You Catch This New Video From Tim Darcy?

If you weren’t already well aware of a little band called Ought, you should probably fix that really quickly and then do some acquainting with the solo project of the lead vocalist with Tim Darcy. The best way for you to do so is by watching the video below, which is Darcy’s latest single from his upcoming solo release. “Still Waking Up” is a brief glimmer of sincerity from a voice that you’ve come toexpect cynicism and sarcasm from. It’s quite refreshing, and the music video will have you harkening back to your John Hughes cinema days. Take a listen and watch below.

Saturday Night is out February 17th via Jagjaguwar. Go pre-order that here.

Tim Darcy of Ought Goes Solo

Man. This might just be me, but I think that Ought is probably one of the most important, underrated acts around the music scene. Now you have Tim Darcy dipping toes in the solo water, and it sounds just as rad as I wanted it to be. The musical work is just a steady dose of post-punk guitar rock, but Tim’s voice has this distinctive sound that makes his work incredibly impacting, not to mention meaningful once you unfold the lyrics. Putting this one out there, as it’s now on my highly anticipated album list for next year! Saturday Night comes out on February 17th via Jagjaguwar.

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