Cola Sign with Fire Talk (former members of Ought)

Man, I’m a huge Tim Darcy fan, so hearing that Ought are calling it a day is a bit sad; the band had a solid run that I’m grateful is part of my collection…not to mention the great shows I’ve caught. Luckily, with the announcement of their disbandment comes news of Cola, a new project featuring Tim and Ben) is very much welcome on my end…particularly as they’re sprinkling it in with a new single courtesy of Fire Talk. Honestly, hearing the song and the way that it sort of feels like a meditative state feels very much like the next logical step. Hints of playing with the expanse of sonic exploration was always on the cards, but this feels somewhat leaning into that a bit further, tossing in some melodic undercurrents too to maximize the charm. This sounds like a crash between Ought and Broken Social Scene, and I don’t mind that one bit.

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