Pleased to Meet You: The Lymbs Ready EP

lymbsSo many tracks come across my track on a daily basis, and while I claim to fawn over so many, I’ll admit that the favorite I’ve found this week is this brand new song from The Lymbs (now based in Oakland). It has this crunchy style of rock to it, stuttering at moments, before lurching forward into a full-fledged rocker. Since relocating from New Mexico, the band have been hard at work trying to get things up and running, so expect a full EP or album to come from the band in just a short span of time!


Track Premiere: Rangers Ready Texas Rock Bottom

texasrockbottomJoe Knight, the man behind Rangers, has returned to Texas after years spent in San Francisco, and while the title of his newest album, Texas Rock Bottom, might seem like a bleak outlook upon his return, the music should hopefully carry him through. The album’s debut single, below, borders on being a nice piece of power-pop, but there’s some great literary storytelling in it, seemingly expressing Knight’s trepidation upon his Texas return. Those of us who’ve moved about quite a bit, or even temporarily, can surely identify with the anxieties that can bring, allowing listeners to further engage with this song. This song, and record, are looking for a home…hopefully it finds it within you.

Premiere: Losers Way Home Ready New Album

losersHaving worked hard in theMemphis scene (and now out in Arizona), the fellas in Losers Way Home are ready to bring their new album, Love Songs for the Rest of Us. While there are some attributes that play upon the sound of modern indie folk, I think the string arrangements that resonate throughout elevate the track beyond the random fare; it creates musical peaks and valleys, enchanting listeners from the moment the song takes flight. An innocence also exists here, which comes in the youthful tones of the vocals. Definitely think a lot of folks will be interested to hear what these guys have to offer; look for this new album on July 22nd!

Single Premiere: Tincho

TINCHO PROMO PICMan I love it when we’re asked to do a track premiere for some music I’ve really been digging lately. Today I am given that pleasure from Seattle based mostly solo project known as Tincho. Our track is called “Underwater Eyes” and is self-described as slop with touches of atmospheric pop. While that description does seem pretty fitting, I’d add this one is for fans of guys like Mac Demarco, Kelly Stoltz or even Kurt Vile. Needless to say, I’m pretty high on this guy right now.

“Underwater Eyes” appears on a brand new EP entitled Nos Vemos due out Friday June 3rd (pre-order here).

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Track Premiere: Male Gaze

MaleGazePRPhoto1.165438Male Gaze is a San Francisco based band we’ve talked about on this here website several times in the past and I know Nathan and myself have grown to admire them over the last year or so. With our fandom also comes a strong desire to share their songs with the world and spread the good word. Today I’m excited to do exactly that with this brand new single premiering here today entitled “Bad Omens”. This one is a perfect way to kick off your weekend in a frantic and energetic way. Seriously, this band seems to play at such a fast pace but also play everything with perfect timing and superb musicianship. Enjoy the new single below.

Male Gaze will release King Leer via Castle Face Records on June 17th.

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Single Premiere: Apartment 3

IMG_2896After enjoying their last single “Winter is Over” for the last month or so, I was more than excited to share another new track from Vermont based band Apartment 3 today. Entitled, “Sunshine”, the latest track from the band offers some serious bite to it. What does that mean exactly? Well, from the second you hit play, your ears will be blasted with a wall of guitars and a heaviness best described in my own words as “hell yeah”. As Nathan mentioned earlier, this is a band sure to be on the rise moving forward. We’ll drop more details on future releases as we receive them.

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Meet Beef Jerk…the Newest from Trouble in Mind

8574_10152135614239724_1253391926_nIf you pay attention to our little site here, it should come as no surprise that we follow the work of Trouble in Mind Records pretty closely; I always rave about their bands. They just announced that they’ll be working with Beef Jerk, an act from Sydney. While the sound has a similar ringing to that of their country’s comrades, they’ve got a bit more energy in their riffs, letting the guitar hit hard while the vocals sit back behind in the mix. The band doesn’t slow down, they push the pace, push the listener, all the way until the abrupt end of the track. It’s a great introduction to an act on one of our favorite labels. You can pre-order the TragicHERE, or pick it up at your local shop on July 8th.

Video Premiere: Summer Salt

It’s been a pretty special year for Summer Salt, booking a couple of great tours and releasing their Going Native EP recently with us here at ATH Records. They just tossed us us this great video for the track, “Summer Salt,” and the video encompasses everything I love about the band, aside from the fact that it’s just a hands-down, great song. This three-o are all about crafting really incredible melodies, but they’re also about enjoying themselves. You can see their tight-knit attitude in the video, yet it also shows they’re goofy side. They’re out there playing the songs they love, willing to have fun with each other in a style that’s endearing to all. If you haven’t gotten into the band yet…well, what are you waiting for? Still a few copies of their Going Native EP available HERE.

And, if you’re in the Austin area, they have an incredible show with some of our other faves, Growl and Flesh Lights. Read more on it HERE.


Speedy Rocker from Johnny Kills (Premiere)

Johnny Kills 2Johnny Kills is an up-and-coming UK act that recently caught my attention with their rad new single. It’s an energetic burst of quick punk delivery, coming in at just under two minutes. The vocals are delivered almost as rapidly as the music, keeping the punishing pace right from the start; it definitely feels like the sort of tune that would incite an audience to circle the pit (but do it safe ya’ll). And, as if that wasn’t enough, the band tosses in a couple of synth stabs too, just in case you thought they were going to be a run-of-the-mill band. Turn it up, play it loud, then play it again.

The New Tigers – Vindication EP (Album Premiere)

vanhat negat 001

vanhat negat 001

It’s been several years since I’ve heard anything brand new from The New Tigers, but based upon the strength of their eponymous LP, I’ve always been a fan. Today we’re fortunate to bring you the band’s new Vindication EP. It opens with “Vision,” possessing a slight tendency to psychedelia, but what really excited me was the sound that came to follow. Skip ahead to “Chewing Gum” and you’ll hear a delectable nod to power-pop; it’s my favorite number on the EP. For me, the whole EP brandishes a sound I don’t hear too often; I hear psych-pop outfits, but this time around the band sounds like a pop-psych band. Is there a difference? There definitely is, and I love the latter. Solti Music is releasing the EP digitally worldwide next week.


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