King Tuff Shares Portrait of God Video

When I think of King Tuff, I tend to think of his heavy garage rock riffs and distinctive voice; it’s just a sound that was super memorable during his earlier periods, not to mention some great live sets. But, with his new record, he’s taken the fuzz down a bit, or perhaps turned it up and left the heaviness at home. In his latest single, the song takes on more of a pub rock vibe, kind of stomping through the verses with this crooning bad-assery. But, when the tune opens up in the chorus, it turns more towards a kind of open bit of psychedelic pop, taking on more melody than I admittedly expected. It seems like the gaps between releases have allowed the songwriter to mix it up a bit, so I’m excited to see where Smalltown Stardust lands when it drops in January via Sub Pop.

Winter Share Good Video (featuring Sasami)

The closer we get to the release of Winter‘s new LP, the more I’m getting anxious to hear it from start to finish. Today, we get another glimpse at Samira’s songwriting, this time in a steady fashion that really drives home the melodic nature. It’s almost like a spiritual move, a mantra of being good, however that plays at. Sasami‘s vocals just beckon you, like a siren begging you to crash upon the shores of this glorious slowcore masterpiece. With all the folks having a hand in the new release, from Sasami to Hatchie, you know we’re in for one hell of a ride; What Kind of Blue Are You is out October 14th via Bar/None Records.

Top 20 LPs of 2019…According to Lost Sound Tapes

There’s a handful of really really great tape labels out there, and one that is near and dear to our hearts is Lost Sound Tapes, run by Jon Manning. He’s done an incredible job of curating, and I almost always find myself in love with a handful of his releases each year, like Olivia’s World and Lisa Prank this year! So, I reached out and asked him to pop off with some of his favorite releases…and here we are. Enjoy!

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Show Preview: SASAMI at Barracuda (Tonight!) 5/9

SASAMI were one of my favorite acts that I caught during SXSW, so I’m super stoked that we have the opportunity to catch Sasami Ashworth and crew again in our fair city to play Barracuda. Riding high off the release of her debut self-titled album, SASAMI has made waves with her melodic indie rock tunes. During her SXSW set, she made playful banter with the crowd, and amped up the energy of the midday set with her electric personality. I’m stoked for this show, and you shouldn’t miss out. Tickets are way cheap (12$) and you get openers Empath as well for that low low price. Start your weekend a little early and go check out some killer bands.