Some Free Week Pics…

I do love Free Week. The day job keeps me from going every night, but ANY night of Free Week means seeing tons of friends on stage and off. This edition of Free Week photos features photos of Light Wheel, Big Bill, Night Drive, Rose Selavy, Letting Up Despite Great Faults, a tiny cupcake fail, ladder climbing, toasts, staples and so much more. Venues visited were The Mohawk, Cheer Up and Barracuda.

I’m going to post a few thoughts on the backside of the break. The short story is that Big Bill can’t lose, Night Drive is still my favorite dance party, Rose Selavy is rad as a three-piece, Letting Up can do the same and Barracuda was surprisingly packed.


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Show Preview: Hovvdy, Pupppy, Thelma, Caroline Says @ The Mohawk (07.19)

12622520_1685149471764317_5094574804238702674_oThe heat is really glaringdown on all of us in the ATX, but if there’s one thing that can surely make everyone feel a little better, and that’s a night of high quality pop music from two local and two traveling bands gracing the indoor stage at the Mohawk. The night should be a burst of well crafted tunes, as this bill is stacked. You get the local love of Caroline Says and her melancholically simplistic tunes. Thelma will have you swooning with her angelic cherub folk pop and crisp vocals. Pupppy are sure to spice up the night with their eclectic brand of alt-pop with a hint of rock. And Hovvdy are making waves all around our town with their fuzzy lo-fi magic. All this is going down at the Mohawk tomorrow night and you can attend for under 10 dollars…you’d be a fool not to be there!

Get tickets and see door timeshere.


ATX Weekend Show Preview

While most weekends/weeks offer you a plethora of local and non local shows to choose from here in the Live Music Capital of The World, this weekend in particular has got a high volume of great local shows to fill your nights for a few bucks. Looking to make things a bit less complicated for you, we’ve included our picks and highlights of the busy weekend ahead, but don’t forget to see all of your options over at the ever helpful Showlist Austin.

Friday February 5th (tonight)

The Zoltars, Faux Ferocious, Soda, Major Major Major – Hotel Vegas – 9pm

Julia Lucille, Megabog, AMA, Ponyboy & the Horsegirls –Cheer Up Charlie’s

Major Grizz, Yuma, Marcus Brown – Stubb’s (inside) – 9pm

Tele Novella, Lowin, Devin Jake – The ABGB – 6:30pm

Saturday February 6th

Rikroshi(album release), Zettajoule, Ellis Redon, Artificial Earth Machine – Cheer Up’s – 8pm

Cross Record (album release), Adam Torres, Nadia – The Mohawk(inside)- 9pm

P.T. Banks (album release), Tinnarose, Lomelda – Stubb’s(inside) – 9pm

The Sour Notes, Borrisokane – Indian Roller Boutique Roadhouse – 8pm


Show Review: Shopping @ The Mohawk (PS They’re Playing Again Tonight)

SHOPPINGThis show review will be rather brief– my apologies to openers Xetas and Feral Future for the omission of a description of their sets. It wasn’t for lack of desire that I had to miss what I’m sure were rowdy and glorious sets, but work inhibited me from arriving until right before London’s Shopping took the stage. And take the stage they did– the three members perfectly distributed themselves on the small inside stage of The Mohawk and began their infectious and seamless post punk jams. When I say seamless, I mean that though this band is only a three piece, each member and element go together so well that when they get going it’s hard to really differentiate one from the next, and the same can be said for the vocals. They gather together to form gang-esque grit, and the result is a perfect balance of rawness and pleasant sound. Each member brought their respective energy to the stage–whole bodies thrust into their performance. Lead guitarist Rachel Aggs bounced up and down, her hair flopping back and forth to the jangly riffs she kept doling out. Nothing could really stop the group from impressing the crowd with their wonderful tunes, not even guitar/amp troubles stood a chance from diminishing the night. Rather, it added to the charm of the group and their edginess. I’m telling you, their live show further enforced just how excellent Consumer Complaints is, and brought a smile to everyone’s faces. If you missed it, you are definitely in luck– the band’s Houston show has been cancelled, so they’re gracing our presence again this evening!!!! Find out details for that here. 

Show Preview: Shopping @ The Mohawk (11/11)

shoppinMaybe you’re still shaking off the cobwebs of tiredness from your eyes from this weekend, but it’s time for you to muster up the strength to hit up the Mohawk tomorrow night for what will surely be an evening well worth your time. Headlining the inside stage is London’s Shopping, who have been wowing us with their post-punk jangly jams for sometime now, so it’s exciting to see how this sound will translate to the live setting; something tells me these tracks are going to be even more robust and require some dancing shoes. Opening up for them are locals Xetas and Feral Future, so be sure to get there early and support your locals. And if you feel like double-dipping and making the most of your night, get there even earlier to catch Youth Lagoon and Moon King on the outside stage at 6:30. Otherwise, doors for the inside stage are at 9 and tickets are 10$…get them here.

Show Preview: Ultimate Painting @ Mohawk (TONIGHT)

ultimate paintingIt’s a busy week for Austin, with tons of bands and people about to fill the city for ACL, but that being said, I really don’t want you to miss out on seeing Ultimate Painting tonight. They’ve released two incredible albums, both flying under the radar despite receiving great amounts of praise. I, for one, can also vouch for the fact that they’ve got an incredible live show ready for you; it’s one of the most rehearsed, tightest sets I’ve seen from an act in several years. Plus, you’ll get to see The Zoltars open up the night; they’re easily one of my Top Ten Austin acts playing around the city right now. Dryspell will also share the opening slot, so please come early to watch yourself some locals. Tickets are 10 bucks and doors open at 9 PM.

Show Review: Destroyer @ The Mohawk (9/24)

DestroyerWednesday night was a packed evening, with tons going on in Austin. But, I know I’ll see Thee Oh Sees at least four more times this year, minimum, so I went with my heart and something a little more rare, Destroyer. Not only that, but we got an extra special treat, as flight delays for Jennifer Castle meant we were treated to an Austin great, Thor Harris & Friends. Read on for some brief thoughts and Brian’s photos.

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Show Pics: 3 x 3 Series @ The Mohawk (9/21)

3x3 with Templo X 41We love live music. We love Austin artists. We want to help you love them, too. We need your help to keep bringing you the best jams for cheap. Go to our shows, buy our records. /rant

The 3 x 3 series is a brilliant idea. Let’s make it easy for venues to be open when we know it is a smaller show and get new bands exposure. We had another brilliant lineup for last Monday’s show. We got to check out the first live set for Mean Jolene, ever. We got to see Caitlin from Ultraviolet dedicate a song to her parents. We got to see Templo X for the last time in a while before Paul headed back up to Philly. I got to take pictures. It was a great night of talking with the musicians, busting balls about 90’s Emo bands and a ton of great new songs.

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ATX Weekend Show Preview: Who Isn’t Playing In Austin?

ATX Popfest 10Nathan and I were commenting on the plethora of shows going down this weekend, so I figured it’d be nice to lay it all out night by night for you so you know where you need to be to hear the best tunes. I’ve got all your options broken up by days and if you play your cards right, it could be a weekend filled to the brim with great local and visiting acts. See for yourself after the jump and prep with some tunes… a few more hours and it’s the weekend!

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Show Pics: Get Up Kids & Diet Cig @ Mohawk (9/16)

The Get Up Diet Cig 83It was quite a night for Team ATH at The Mohawk earlier this week. Nathan is Emo kid. Hashtag child of he nineties. I relate. He gets excited about The Get Up Kids like I get excited about The Cure. That was the outside show. The inside show later was Diet Cig, a two-piece that has been heaped praise upon by us and much of the intarwebs. Turns out, they got in early to hang out and watch their openers, heh.

We have tons of pics from the night and a few notes. Get ready for Josh Berwanger, Hotelier, The Get Up Kids, Rose Selavy, Pleasure Venom and Diet Cig and then click read more…

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