Show Review: Bear In Heaven @ The Parish (8/29)

Bear In HeavenI anticipated this show not just because Bear In Heaven has never failed to impress, but also because the openers showed so much promise. I was only disappointed in one thing; Austin. Yes you, Austin. Would you please start supporting the openers? Less pre-drink, more music. You paid for that ticket, get your dollar’s worth. Check what time doors are and show up to support the bands and the venues. BiN made two incredibly solid picks for the road this time around in Weeknight and Young Magic and if you missed them, it is your own damn fault. #rant

So there you go. The best show review I have ever done? Maybe.

OK, just a few more notes after the break. …and pics. Lot of them.

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Show Preview: Part Time @ Hotel Vegas (8.28)


Date Thursday, August 28th
Location Hotel Vegas
Doors 10:00 PM
Tickets $5

Seems to be a lull in good shows, so why not spend your hard earned cash and check out this great little show.  Part Time were supposed to be coming with their friends Gap Dream in tow, but unfortunately, GD had to pull out, but that doesn’t mean the former will skip town.  Part Time released the excellent PDA recently, and you’ll definitely want to catch their entire set to let your self fall dreamily into the night.  Also, they’re bringing Sea Lions with them, who have been fairly silent as of late, though I always find my way back to their Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sea Lions LP. To top it off, Grape St. will be filling the bill too, in preparation for their own tour out to the West Coast.

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Download: Part Time – I Want to Go [MP3]

Show Preview: Bear In Heaven @ The Parish (8/28)

Bear In Heaven

Location:   The Parish
Doors: 8:00 PM
Tickets: $16

Yes, there are other shows going on tonight. I am most excited about this Bear In Heaven show at The Parish tonight. Not just because I love the new tracks from BiH, but the opening acts are real head turners.

Since this show hit my radar, I have been a little obsessed with Weeknight. Dark, smoky, synth-heavy and moody – some tracks have southern rock cadence to the vocal, perhaps a hit a gospel. Andy Simmons and Holly MacGibbon spend most of their time harmonizing. It isn’t give and take, it is give and give. Beautiful flourishes, simple constructs enhanced by clever waveforms. Heavy guitar riffs complete the formula and lends gothy noise.

I last saw Young Magic with Purity Ring. I expect more of the same gazy-poppy goodness, but the new tracks are fuller, more complex if you ask me.

And finally, we have our headliners. Dear jeebus, I love the track “Autumn”. This is going to be one helluva show. I made you a playlist.

Show Preview: Woods @ Holy Mountain (8.20)


Date Wednesday, August 20th
Location Holy Mountain
Doors 9:00
Tickets $12 from Transmission

I feel like Woods is one of the bands that I will forever undervalue.  I snatch up everything they put out, then indulge far too frequently in those purchases. But, then I sometimes forget they even exist, especially since Kevin Morby always has something going on.  Luckily, we can all indulge on Wednesday in a little bit of Woods; their live sets are phenomenal, not to be missed gigs.  They cover so much sonic ground, from folk to pop to psychedelia, and it all blends together so seamlessly. Odds are they’ll spend a great bit of the night covering their most recent effort, With Light and With Love, yet I now they’ll fill their set with delights from the back catalogue. See you guys Wednesday!

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Download: Woods – Suffering Season [MP3]

ACL Taping: Thao & The Get Down Stay Down

ACL LiveDoing this music site, photo thing, I get to go to some cool stuff and ACL Tapings certainly top the list. Nine Inch Nails, Radiohead, Nick Cave…

The latest run-through the rules by Terry Licona was to introduce Thao the Get Down Stay Down. Back to the normal formula after the Nick Cave experiment, Thao’s set was webcast, as well. Their set from ACL was really fun. Festival band all the way, but how would it translate to the taping format? Happy to announce, quite well.

Read on for thoughts and a few pics from the night and some shots of her performance by the great Scott Newton.

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Austin Weekend Show Spotlight

Austin, I love you.As the weather unfortunately heats up, that means there’s also a music scene heating up.  There’s tons of shows this weekend in particular, both local and traveling.  I won’t bore you with details, but remind you to show up early to catch openers, especially the local ones like Sweet Talk playing at Mohawk tonight. Here you go: Read More

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Show Review: The Both @ The Mohawk (8/13)

The BothWednesday night was a night I anticipated greatly.  Most of you should be aware of my undying man-crush on Ted Leo, but through the weeks I’ve gone on to really appreciate the work he’s down with Aimee Mann as the Both. They came to the Mohawk to thrill us all with their songs and their banter, bringing along friends Lemuria to kick-start the night.

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Show Review: Clap Your Hands Say Yeah @ The Mohawk (8/11)

Clap Your Hands Say YeahBrave fans braved potentially threatening weather; it smooth poured with tons of lightning out at my house in the hours before I left to head downtown, but The Hawk was spared such drama. Load in, soundcheck, my moles on the inside let me know all was well. Rain dotted the evening, never really coming down in quantity, just a smattering to humidify things to “moist” levels.

Roger Sellers brought along Matt Hines of ATH faves The Eastern Sea to go acoustic, Alec Ounsworth took advantage of a little extra time in the schedule to play some songs solo not often heard live and then piloted the whole band known as Clap Your Hands Say Yeah through a set of folk music disguised as indie dance party classics and new stuff that I actually enjoyed A LOT.

Read on for thoughts and plenty of pics…

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