Show Pics: ATH Goes Back To School

Summer SaltNathan summed it up in a book face post. He, with Mike’s help, runs a label that is proud of the content, proud of the people, happy to be helping bands in Austin have merch to sell and fund the next project. It is a ton of work; pursuing, promoting, logistics and coordination. I am happy to be associated with ATH records.

Hit the read more and view the greatness of Pollen Rx, Mean Jolene, Rose Selavy, Plantation Band, Young Girls, Basketball Shorts, Summer Salt and Shivery Shakes (in drag).

Thanks to all involved.You need to join us next time. It was like family. I haven’t been out much due to life drama, but lots of hugs. William loves his new romper, though his tights were probably looser than his jeans.

Side note, I was having fun shooting manual focus on the superlight setup (Df and 40/f2 pancake). Apologies I missed perfect focus on the shot you love most. @_@

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