Nathans Ten Favorite Austin Albums of 2017

This is a tough list, as there’s a bevy of great music within the confines of our fair city. We’ve even had our hand in putting out some great releases this year…though I can’t include them as I fear the wrath of nepotism.

Plus, it’s nice to see what everyone else is up to around these parts.


Disclaimer: We put out full lengths from Growl and Pollen Rx this year, and I’d be sore if I didn’t give them a shoutout here. They know they’d easily be in my Top Ten had I not had a hand in their releases. We also put out EPs by Summer Salt and Tres Oui in the Austin world.

Extra Disclaimer: Some great albums on the larger scale were left off, due to over-saturation and hype. Mostly because while I acknowledge their efforts, just wasn’t up my alley this year.

Here’s my Top Ten:

  1. Xetas – The Tower
  2. US Weekly – s/t
  3. Julia Lucille – Chthonic
  4. She Sir – Rival Island
  5. Big Bill – Stand By Your Bill
  6. Quin Galavis – The Battery Line
  7. Abram Shook – Love at Low Speed
  8. Molly Burch – Please Be Mine
  9. Knife in the Water – Reproduction
  10. Wiretree – Towards the Sky

Bubbling Under: Wild Bill – Fighting for the Title, Little Mazarn – s/t, The Golden Boys – Better Than Good Times, Night Drive – s/t

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