Levitation Playlist: A Place to Bury Strangers

Man I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m super excited for Thursday and the start of the new look Levitation Festival in Austin. The lineup is absolutely loaded with great music with not a single day, or even hour, lacking of some quality live music. For real, this is a lineup ya’ll. As we typically do with festivals in town, we plan to preview a few things for you to help you better plan for the weekend. Today I am extremely pleased to share with you an expertly crafted Levitation playlist from our old friends A Place to Bury Strangers. The band really nailed it with this one and offered us way more songs than we normally ask for. This could be your definitive playlist for the weekend and should help you discover some new tunes/bands you maybe weren’t expecting to check out. Enjoy the words and playlist after the jump.

All songs hand selected by APTBS with words also coming from the band. You can catch the band at Levitation playing at Barracuda on Sunday at Midnight. Be there!

John Cale – “You Know Me More Than I Know”

I listened to this so many times on overnight drives from El Paso to Los Angeles and back. Fear was one of only a few CDs in my friends car. Every time this song came on, it got stuck in my head. Its become my desert anthem.

Shana Falana – “Cool Kids”

Shana Falana is so fun! They blew me away a few years ago and am glad to know they are still going strong. This song is such an epic anthem.

Deantoni Parks – “ASS DRUM 1966”

I was lucky to tour with Deantoni Parks back when he was playing with The Mars Volta. It was a full month of daily drum/life lessons. A natural-born talent of this world! Ill forever be grateful for that tour and a lifetime fan of Deantonis work.

Lala Lala – “Destroyer”

Lala Lala is great! This is another song thats been stuck in my head pretty much ever since I heard it. I love the lyrics and the vibe of it. Looking forward to seeing the live band.

Many thanks again guys!

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