Chronophage Release Any Junkyard Dream Video

Austin’s Chronophage, one of the town’s most under-appreciated acts, have a brand new LP coming out this Friday, Th’ Pig Kiss’d Album. They just dropped this incredible video featuring a day in the life of a neighborhood crow. In the musical element, the songs opens with these anxious jittering guitar cuts, jaggedly splicing up the song while vocals are delivered in spoken fashion; its all about the contrast. Still, one of my favorite bits about the band is their willingness to change directions, taking a sharp turn here at the 47 second mark by building in some softened harmonies to provide a sprinkle of pop sensibility. Throughout the songs, they weave the two styles seamlessly, still keeping that anxiety that drives the song’s tension. The LP drops this Friday via Cleta Patra/Soft Office; I bet it rips.

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