Tess Parks Announces And Those Who Were Seen Dancing

Tess Parks has long been a performer, as we can see from the childhood video footage used to announce her new record, And Those Who Were Seen Dancing. Opening up with a heavy bit of keys and Parks’ voice, you get this smoky troubadour feel; the power of the voice alone is intoxicating, drawing you into Tess’ world. Just as you pull your ear towards the speakers, the 1:30 mark hits, dropping in a really soft beat that adds a textural layer to the tune; it provides the song with a slight bit of energy, but not enough to detract from the song’s core, which clearly has Tess as the gravitational center. This is what your kids will listen to in space, so be sure to grab the new LP when it hits on May 20th via Fuzz Club/Hand Drawn Records.

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