Janelane Shares Ask Me Why Single

Spring is here, well in Austin at least, so what better than a little dash of sunny pop vibes, courtesy of LA’s Janelane. You might recognize the band, as they released a nice 7″ via Kingfisher Bluez, and with a new single, perhaps there’s more on the way from Sophia Negrini and company. This new track hits all the perfect pop notes, pulling airy jangle notes into a galloping frolic as Negrini’s voice warmly serenades the listener. Personally, I love how this track never quite dives right into the formulaic manner of this genre; it’s got the same infectious nods as an Alvvays, per se, but the chorus just hangs out on the mellower side, hitting dreamier notes rather than bursting into current pop tropes. Keep your eyes peeled, as there’s more deliciousness to come your way.

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