Rose Mercie Prep Kieres Agua LP

In 2018, Rose Mercie released this beautiful self-titled album with various labels, but namely Austin’s now-defunct Monofonus; it was a brilliant record that would have gotten much more praise had it been more “Americanized.” Well, here we are a few years later and the band have Kieres Agua on wait, and I’ve got this brilliant opening piece here to entice your ears. This track would fit well on a Mexican Summer roster, slowly building over these desert-like guitar riffs, with little adventurous noodles playfully contrasting the sedate nature at the forefront. It’s a bewitching opener from their next LP, which looks to be out at the end of May via Celluloid Lunch and Jelodanti, so here’s to hoping more folks fall for it.

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  • Thank you for your review of Rose Mercie’s new album. Just for information three labels were associated for the release of the first (Monofonus, SDZ and Jelodanti). For this new offering, the disc is published by Jelodanti (europe) and Celluloid Lunch (canada). Thanks again/

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