Mary Anne’s Polar Rig Announce Makes You Wonder

It’s hard breaking through the US/UK press to offer refreshing music, and to be honest, if folks aren’t given stuff directly, they’re not always likely to seek out the good stuff outside of the geo-musical landscape. Good thing we’ve got some connections in places like Sweden bringing us the goods from Mary Anne’s Polar Rig, who just announced their new LP, Makes You Wonder. This Malmo duo isn’t really playing by any rules or expectations; they rip through their songs with sharp riffs and explosive moments. It’s all delivered in an off-kilter manner, keeping the listener on their toes, turning unexpectedly one second then tossing melody right in your face. Malin’s vocal performance is so primal at times, it’s hard not to be captivated by what’s coming through your speakers; it reminds me of that 2002 EP from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs in a lot of ways, so I’m completely on board here. Makes You Wonder is out in March via Rama Lama Records.

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