Catching Up with Shelflife Records: Lost Tapes + Youth Valley

As much as I might hate to admit it, I feel like sometimes I take Shelflife Records for granted. Much like a Slumberland or Trouble in Mind, they just put out such consistently great albums, that I’m like “Yeah, of course I’ll love it, I’ll come back to it.” But, as was the case the last few weeks, we missed some real gems from bands we love: Lost Tapes and Youth Valley. Lost Tapes has a new Crossing Towns EP coming out in June (6.21), and the first single has a slight jangle, perhaps melted a bit in the global warming crisis, turning into a mellower slow churn that flirts with dreams. Over in Greece, Youth Valley are dropping a quicker bit of jangle pop, bringing sharp notes that open up for the melodic vocals to hide in the song’s middle; they’ll release their new Lullabies for Adults LP in June (6.25) too! Don’t take your favorite labels for granted! Go check out all the other stuff Shelflife has for you!

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