Golomb Announce Love + Share Take My Life

If, like me, Golomb wasn’t already on your list of acts to keep an ear out for, then, like me, you’ve made a grave mistake. This past week the band just announced their brand new Love EP, and with that, they’ve shared a thundering new single and video to capture your ear. They set the tune up with warbling and whaling guitar, set up to screech on the back of this harrowing beat that sounds like your neighbor pounding on your wall to get you to turn that noise down! As the rhythm section thunders away, the guitar takes its own route, locking in step at moments, ripping its own path at other turns. While the formula seems simplistic, its the execution and the band’s willingness to kind of forged its own destructive path from within that really makes you thirsty for more. The Love EP is out this Friday!

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