ATX Spotlight: The Cortez Bus (ft. members of East Cameron Folklore)

cortezInterestingly, I was just talking about how bands and projects needed to try interesting things to really grab fans into their work…and then I got a note about the Cortez Bus project featuring Denis and Jesse of Austin’s East Cameron Folkcore. The two set off to record on a bus parked in Terlingua, the small ghost town just outside of Big Bend National Park. For my two cents, the music is far more interesting than Terlingua, but you can definitely hear how the aura of West Texas has seeped into these songs. While the songs employ a traditional Western country vibe, I think some of the atmospheric touches that seep in remind me greatly of being out in that part of the country….bushes rustling, wind whipping across empty lands and just the general solitude. Stream it all, then donate some funds so they can head out again and find a new locale to influence their writing.

Top 15 Austin Albums of 2013

Local Albums 2tMan. Austin had a pretty incredible year; it was a far better year than I’ve encountered recently, making my ears, mind and heart quite proud of our hometown.  While it’s obviously difficult to get in on every single band in Austin, I made a list of the albums that were most impactful throughout the year, 2013.  I purposefully left off EPs and singles, not because I didn’t enjoy those, but because this is a list of top ALBUMS!  I’m sorry to those we left off, and encourage you all to send us your music as we continue our push to be a great voice for Austin music.  Without further ado…this is how we do it.  Read more

Austin Spotlight: The Harvest Thieves

a1146701711_10As ATH has always been a big supporter of Guns of Navarone, we were overly excited when our friends in the band sent us over music from a new project they’ve been working on.  This Austin supergroup going by the name of The Harvest Thieves features members of the aforementioned Guns as well as East Cameron Folkcore and Bankrupt & The Borrowers.  Already the new group have an EP entitled Lightning in a Bottle up and available for download over on bandcamp at a “pay what you want” set up.  I’m finding myself immediately drawn to the 2nd track  from the EP “Escape From the Paper City”.  It’s clearly a country/americana themed tune with an almost anthemic sound and an extremely full sound that drives the song home.  It seems rare that we find this kind of quality Texas themed sounds in this town anymore and I couldn’t be more excited about this new project.  

Stay tuned for more.

Show Preview: Frank Smith + The Preservation Album Release @ Holy Mountain (4.13)

Frank Smith

Date Saturday, April 13th
Location Holy Mountain
Doors 9:00 PM
Tickets $8

Hey there Austin.  Just a heads up, you have no business calling yourself an Austin music fan if you’re not going to this show on Saturday night.  For starters, there’s four of our favorite bands, and we like to think we have good tastes, so that’s important.  Second, both Frank Smith and the Preservation will be releasing their albums that night, and I’ve even raved about the new Frank Smith record HERE.  Also, you get to check out some other up-and-comers who’ve been receiving a lot of our attention in East Cameron Folkcore and Growl.  It’s cheap; booze at Hold Mountain is cheap; people are friendly. Don’t miss this opportunity.


Download: Frank Smith – Chewing Glass [MP3]

New Folk Opus from East Cameron Folkcore

Being an Austin, Tx based blog, our job should be to help promote our local musicians, atop of our extensive world coverage.  When you get a band like East Cameron Folkcore, it makes things a whole lot easier on you.  The 11-piece group has announced the release of their new album, For Sale, which will be out on February 5th.  With an eleven-piece group, they can go anywhere really, but I always appreciate their careful compositions combining punk, folk and even elements of bluegrass.  It gives a raw/refreshing edge to what’s often considered a stale genre.  Those of us in Austin will have the chance to see the band on February 8th at the Scottish Rite Theater, but the rest of you will just have to enjoy the jam below for the time being.


Download:East Cameron Folkcore – Salinger is Dead [MP3]

Show Preview: KVRX End Of Summer Show @ The Parish (8/26)

Date 8/26/12
Location The Parish
Doors 7pm
Tickets $5 @ Frontgate

For those of you recovering from a weekend hangover and looking for a good show, head on over to The Parish on Sunday night for a nice show put together by local station KVRX.  The lineup features a slew of great local talent in the form of The Young, Sleep Good, Belaire, East Cameron Folkcore, and The White White Lights.  It’s rare that you’ll get to see this much talent in one night for such a cheap price.


Download: Sleep Good – Summer Explosion [MP3]

Show Preview: Chuck Ragan @ Red 7 (11/11)

Date 11/11/11
Location Red 7
Doors 9pm
Tickets $10 @ Frontgate

Veteran and now legendary songwriter Chuck Ragan is making a stop back into town at Red 7 on Friday night.  Local up and comers East Cameron Folkcore and Possessed by Paul James will also be on hand to provide some entertainment.  Friday night is full of great lineups, but be sure to keep this one on the short list.


Download: Chuck Ragan – You Get What You Give [MP3]

Mohawk 5th Anniversary Begins Tonight

Date 9/29 – 10/2
Location Mohawk
Doors Varies
Tickets 4 day Passes or Day Passes Available

The best little venue in town is celebrating their 5th anniversary starting tonight with some great shows planned all weekend long.  You can check out individual shows, or pony up $42 for a 4 day pass of badass music.  Here’s a quick list of what’s going down, door times, and where you can buy tickets.

THURSDAY – 9/29 – Doors @ 7pm.  Tickets Right here

Les Savy Fav, The Arm, Canoe, Christian Bland & The Revelators, Shapes Have Fangs, The Vitamins, Johnny Hottub

FRIDAY – 9/30 – Doors @ 8pm.  Tickets over here.

Grupo Fantasma, Soul Happening DJs, Master Blaster Sound System, Peligrosa All Stars

SATURDAY – 10/1 – Doors @ 8pm. Tickets in the same spot.

Lucero, Moonlight Towers, Frank Smith, Mike & The Moonpies, East Cameron Folkcore

SUNDAY – 10/2 – Doors @ 6:30pm.  FREE fools!

My Education,Transmography, Marriage, Golden Bear, Lean Hounds


Download: Les Savy Fav – Let’s Get Out of Here [MP3]

Show Preview: Possessed by Paul James @ Antones (8/25)

Date 8/25/11
Location Antones
Doors 8pm
Tickets $8 @ Ticketfly

Nice show going down this Thursday evening at Antone’s featuring Konrad Wert and his project known as Possessed by Paul James.  Joining Konrad for this gritty country/rock themed show are local groups East Cameron Folkcore and Frank Smith.

In other related news, East Cameron Folkcore singer/founding member Jesse M Moore (formerly of Bankrupt and the Borrowers) is currently promoting his brand new solo record Tall Tells & Modern Lies.  You can hear Jesse’s new record in it’s entirety over on bandcamp or check out new single “Sallie-Mae” below.  It’s a promising song and album from one of Austin’s best underground songwriters.


Download: Jesse M Moore – Sallie-Mae [MP3]

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