Top 15 Austin Albums of 2013

Local Albums 2tMan. Austin had a pretty incredible year; it was a far better year than I’ve encountered recently, making my ears, mind and heart quite proud of our hometown.  While it’s obviously difficult to get in on every single band in Austin, I made a list of the albums that were most impactful throughout the year, 2013.  I purposefully left off EPs and singles, not because I didn’t enjoy those, but because this is a list of top ALBUMS!  I’m sorry to those we left off, and encourage you all to send us your music as we continue our push to be a great voice for Austin music.  Without further ado…this is how we do it. 

15 – SlugbugTruck Month

This is an LP for those willing to take that extra step into the odd.  Careful thought and detail are put into every note.

14 – Aisha BurnsLife in the Midwater

Multi-instrumentalist for Balmorhea steps out on her own to wow us with her beautiful voice.

13 – Friendly SavagesO, Joshua

Modern folk music being made the way it should be.

12 – The ZoltarsWalking Through the Dark

This is a record that emphasizes the perfect meld between pop sensibility and garage pop ethos.

11 – East Cameron FolkcoreFor Sale

No band made a bigger name for themselves than this large organic beast, leaving us with gutsy folk music that holds onto the rough edges.

10 – Sweet TalkPickup Lines

Never a bad time to make pop-punk in Austin, especially when you’re doing it this well.

9  – Jesse WoodsGet Your Burden Lifted

Jesse was one of those artists that we were happy to discover at our offices this year.  This is an artist waiting for throngs of Austin fans.

8  – Frank SmithNineties

Frank Smith is a band, not a man.  They play great alternative influenced rock n’ roll; they killed their set at Fun Fun Fun Fest this year.

7 – Black Bookss/t

Promise of their early sounds finally came to fruition on this magnificent LP; I’ve never heard them sound as huge as they do here.

6 – A Giant DogBone

Sabrina might get more notice for Bobby Jealousy, but when she fronts this group, she’s a force to be reckoned with.

5 – KnifightDark Voices

This LP reminded us that despite our adoration for moderately poppy tunes, that we still have a dark animal inside all of us.

4 – Love InksGeneration Club

The dreamiest pop record to be made in our hometown this year. Ignore the de facto husband and wife nod…they’re so much more.

3 – Ola PodridaGhosts Go Blind

Dave Wingo added a full band sound for this LP, but he still maintained the intimacy that’s made his music so important to us.

2 – Royal ForestSpillway

This song wears Austin on its sleeve. You want a group that encompasses the past and future of Austin music? Here it is.

1 – Mirror TravelMexico

The band formerly knows as Follow That Bird delivered a gem of an album that’s great for any time of year, thus deserving of a number one spot.

This is just our arbitrary list based upon our own likes, but we are aware it’s not an end-all-be-all.  But, before you get angry or disagree, take some time to go enjoy some of these great records; buy them if you like them.  Our city only continues to grow if we continue to invest in our artists.  Thanks Austin bands for a great year, and we look forward to a solid 2014.

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