Popstrangers Announce In Spirit

I’ll be honest, listening to the first 45 seconds or so of the new Popstrangers single had me questioning where I’d stand when it came time to talk about it; it opens at a trudge, like slogging through the mud; I liked it, but wondered how long they’d stay in that spot. Suddenly, at 1:09, the song erupts into this gloriously fuzzy slow-burn, crashing against my ears with this wondrous melody. They set me up! Then they slide back in, only to set us all up with the charm one more time; even stretching it out a bit further…sort of like we got from the Wrens so long ago! The trio will release their new album In Spirit on June 10th via Rice Is Nice Records.

Piney Gir Announces Alchemy Hand EP

I’m finding it hard to turn away from the latest Piney Gir single, signaling a brand new EP is on the horizon. For starters, Piney as a songwriter, and within this new single, changes direction as quickly as you’re settled. Listen to the first 55 seconds or so, relishing the pseudo Jenny Lewis stylings at play, but then suddenly it’s all switched up, giving the song more lift. You get similar moments in the four minutes below, moving and switching notes, stretching the sound into something that can easily stand besides the work of Aldous Harding or Cate Le Bon. Give a listen below, and look for Alchemy Hand EP this June via Reckless Yes.

Nice Pop Tune From M Field

Matthew Field is a London by way of Cape Town songwriter who really gained some positive press with the release of his debut EP M Field last September. His playful take on indie pop music truly delighted fans and gave a sense of hope that maybe the genre could still turn from big pop stars being labeled “indie”. If you’ve yet to hear his music, let his new tune “Hyenas” serve as an introduction and I promise you’ll ears will be happy. Enjoy and give a shout to M Field on IG.

Bollards Share Plate Up Single from Harbour Dance EP

London outfit Bollards are crafting some funky punky dance grooves, disguised with some clever modern touches that’ll have you scratching your head wondering why you’re having so much fun. Their new single has this propulsive nature to it, and these sharp guitar line that get some added punctuation from the cymbal and drum work. Honestly, there are moments when you recall the best of Chk! Chk! Chk!, but then the band get more explorative, dragging in some hazy washes of atmosphere to catch you off guard. The band’s debut Harbour Dance EP is shaping up to be a nice introduction to an exciting new act.

Floating Mill Records Release 7″ from the Antelopes

If you’re a fan of the post-punk genre, but feel like you don’t have the time to really unearth all the hidden gems that have come down the line, might we suggest keeping an eye on Floating Mill Records. Having already turned me on to the Stick Figures, they’re back with the Antelopes, a London act that, like many, was gone far too soon! Today, the label release a 7″ that was originally released in the 80s, but they do so along with some new demos/live versions to accompany the release. I love the heavy guitar swirl on this track below, like a shadowy lurker hanging out behind singer Glenn Dallender’s heavy voice. The entrance of Tilly Vosburgh near the song’s back half is a welcome extra layer to the tune. Spend some time here today, and like I said, keep an eye on what the label is treating us to these days.

The Golden Dregs Share Ultimate Fighting Champion

Benjamin Woods project, The Golden Dregs, has long been one of my favorite secrets, or at least its felt that way as I’ve continued to hold out hope that those in the States would catch onto his songwriting. Perhaps with his latest 7″ and new single, folks will dip their toes in these fine waters; one can dream. The new single has this solemnity to it, which has a lot to do with the tones of Woods’ voice. But, one of my favorite bits is this uplifting guitar line that seems to set up the chorus; you can find it hanging just underneath the mix. Plus, the chorus has these layered vocals that feel intoxicating, but also bring the song a little bit of bold bombast to push things ahead. Give these jams a listen, will ya! New 7″ is available now from End of the Road Records.

Me Rex Share Never Graduate Single

You know when you just want something big and poppy, something that seems just perfectly built for you? Well, I present you with the new single from London’s Me Rex. If you’re into British pop rock like Martha, you’re going to want to spend some time here; you might also want to go back and revisit the band’s other releases. Here, we get a little synth into before the song hits hyperdrive into euphoria…backing vocals swell with these magical hooks that dig deep into your soul. Myles McCabe has this great delivery within the confines of the song to kind of tie it all together; it comes across as spoken and call, straining when it hits the song’s rising tension. If you dig this, look for the band’s Pterodactyl EP in February of next year via Big Scary Monsters. Also, fun fact. Pterodactyls are not dinosaurs. Duh.

Jessica’s Brother Shares Caroline

In the associated press of the latest single from Jessica’s Brother, it states the this is the “sound of a band coming together and getting caught up in a rush starting afresh.” I love that, as you get the feeling that their second LP is going to have this urgency, this combination of their various influences fusing together to complete one musical entity. This new single has a bit of a nice little folk shimmy to it, like running and leaping through piles of leaves with a friend, grinning all the while. The fiddle work is the perfect accent to the band’s sound here, putting on those pastoral finishing touches to this campfire singalong. Their new LP is titled Just Rain, and it drops on November 26th via Fika Recordings.

Heavy Post-Punk From Talk Show

We are midway through the week and I can feel myself slowly sort of dragging myself along to get through the day to day work week. If you’re in the same sort of slog, might I suggest you check out this fast paced new tune called “Underworld” from London based post-punk outfit Talk Show. I love how the track has this overall tension that can, ever so slightly, explode in short bursts but never really completely lets go of that pent up energy.

Talk Show will be releasing this new track on an EP entitled Touch the Ground coming out in 2022.

Roaring New Single From On Video

East London based group On Video is a banging four piece who really made a name for themselves back in 2019 with their debut EP Clap Trap and extensive touring around the UK. Fast forwarding into 2021 and the band have released a few more singles with the latest, “He Is Me”, coming late in the day yesterday. If you are unfamiliar with the band, you’ll immediately love their explosive, raucous, and downright fun take on a sort of garage rock meets surf, meets punk style. Here’s to hoping to more from the band in the near future.


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