Monnone Alone Shares Pepper Jar Single

We’re just a month or so away from the new Monnone Alone LP, so you’ve got to dip your toes into the warm water in Mark’s pool of pop. This new single quickly slides into this huge ringing chords, meant for arena rock status, but brought back to Earth by the softened jangling style of Monnone’s guitar play. While I love that big sound, bordering on crunchy power pop, I think I’m in love with the vocals on this tune; they kind of hang out there on a laundry wire of pop, blowing in the wind, occasionally gusting with these delighting notes that rise and fall so effortlessly. And if that wasn’t enough, how about the song’s fade out, just budding with infectious pop bravado. Stay Foggy will be released on September 3rd via all the usual pop purveyors: Lost and Lonesome/Meritorio/Emo Response/Royal Mint.

Motorists Announce Surrounded

If Bobo Integral announces a new record, you better believe I’m going to rush over to give it a listen, which is why Motorists are my new favorite band! The Canadian outfit just signed up to release their debut Surrounded LP with the label, and it’s the perfect blast of power-pop for your Thursday. In the press release you get mentions like The Nerves and the Soft Boys, but if you wanted an update list, think of a cleaner version of your favorite garage band; it kind of sounds like Deadbeat Beat with a little bit more anthemic vibes coursing through it. You can already tell there will be hooks galore filling up this listen, so don’t skip out! The release is out September 3rd, as a co-release between Bobo Integral/Debt Offensive/We Are Time.

Radio Days Share Lose Control Video

Friday’s are for having a good old time, and what better than a classic power pop sound to really get your blood rushing! I’ve got the perfect tune for you with this brand new Radio Days track from their forthcoming Rave On! LP, which drops this summer. The Italian outfit aren’t doing anything outlandish, but their execution is spot on, which is why I wanted you bobbing along here…think Beatles meets Marked Men? It’s like arena rock caged up in a small bottle ready to be shaken up and spray all over the place. Tune in, turn up.

The Third Cut Share Sugar, Stop

Well, when the music climate gets stale, you turn to the sounds that brought you up as a human, which is I’m at with this new jam from The Third Cut. For all intents and purposes, it’s a pretty straightforward tune; it’s good old fashioned pop rock, with a little melodic flare via combined vocal harmonies. You even get a nice dose of some horn work in there to illustrate the band aren’t just dialing it in with formulas. Give this one a few spins today, preferably with a little bit of max volume and you’ll be guaranteed a better day than most. Enjoy.

Crabber Return with A Kind of Tragic

I was a big fan of Bluesbuster, the 2018 LP from German outfit Crabber, so if you’re digging on this, feel free to check that out as well. But, this tune is brand new, the lead single off a forthcoming LP that’s slated for release later this year. My ears hear a middle ground somewhere between Boyracer and Teenage Fanclub; its got that rambunctious attitude to it, though its naturally wrapped around the central coil of pop sensibility. This is the sort of timeless pop rock that curls my toes…nice melody, solid pace and a big little hook just waiting for you in the chorus. Stay tuned for more news on the new LP!

Forgot About This Mo Troper Tune

I think I can finally clean out all my old emails from 2020 by sharing this Mo Troper tune, which honestly, I would have shared on its release at the end of December had we not been shut down for sanity’s sake. Mo’s got this great power pop feel of late; I love how he stretches his vocals to the tip top of his range, letting it ride on top of the mix as the guitars churn just beneath him. The song just feels like that shimmering sun warming you through your living room window as you gaze into the future; I feel like I could really use that right now. Check his last LP, Natural Beauty too, if you haven’t done so already!

Another Track from the Boys with the Perpetual Nervousness

Before we left for our little holiday break, we shared several tunes from the forthcoming LP from The Boys with the Perpetual Nervousness. But, over that little break, the band shared another great pop tune, so as we’re easing back into full-on work mode, I figured I’d share this bouncing gem with you. This tune is the perfect blast of power pop goodness, toying with an acoustic intro before dropping in a joyous blast of fuzz that echoes throughout the last bits of the song. I think for me, my only complaint here is that the song’s too short! I could listen to this all day! Luckily, Songs from Another Life is only a month away; grab it from Bobo Integral!

K. Campbell Shares Every Little Thing

We’ve gotta rep the Texas scene, even beyond Austin, so when I heard this new track from K. Campbell drop the other day, I knew I had to share it with you immediately. It’s solid piece of power pop, falling somewhere between the landscape of Nada Surf and Teenage Fanclub, which doesn’t seem a bad place to find yourself. Soft melodic vocals glue the track together nicely, and the noisier bits get sanded along the edges, really polishing off the pop sensibility in the perfect way. If this is your style, as it should be, there’s a wonderful 7″ that features this track available HERE.

The Persian Leaps Share Lost Cause

The Persian Leaps waste no time with their latest single, jumping in with that stomping rhythm and twanging guitar sound the instant you press play on their latest single. It’s a short little blast of power-pop, crunching riffs and soaring vocals; the song has a heavy hand throughout the verses, but the chorus elects not to be too boisterous, seemingly offering the softer side of guitar rock. Plus, they toss out some perfect overlapping vocals in the midst of it all, which definitely adds a dash of sugar to your pop coffee. This track features on the group’s new Smiling Lessons EP, dropping on September 18th.

Dead Stars Announce Never Not Here

We’ve been writing about Dead Stars almost as long as we’ve been running this site, which says more about the band than it does about us. Today, they share a brand new single with fresh news of a new LP on the February horizon. In true Dead Stars fashion, it’s just a huge guitar pop rocker, balancing heavy riffs with the melodic nature of the band’s vocals; they’ve always sort of walked this tightrope between reimagined grunge and power-pop, in the best way possible. They’re just one of those bands that makes you want to turn the volume way up and hit the road with nothing but the wind at your back. Never Not Here will be out on February 21st.

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