Supercrush Share Lost My Head for KR Records Comp

I love a good compilation, particularly when it captures a music scene as a snapshot; it’s always fun to go back and see what was cool or who made it out alive. Today, KR Records announces From Far It All Seems Small, a compilation covering the music scene of Seattle in the year of 2024; it features acts like Spiral XP, Shook Ones, Sun Spots…and Supercrush. This tune from Supercrush rips, but I won’t deny that it immediately made me think of the very first LP from the Rentals; it’s got that combination of moog work and power-pop, and I couldn’t be more stoked. From Far It All Seems Small will be out on May 24th, so keep your ears out!

Laughing Announce Because It’s True

If you’re not ready to enjoy some of the best power-pop around, then you may as well skip onto the next track, as this fresh Laughing tune is just too tasty. At first listen, you might hear a bit of a nod to Teenage Fanclub, and there’s nothing wrong with that, though the band settle into a little bit more casual and direct spin, harkening to the left-of-the-dial hits of late 90s college rock. The musicianship is pretty stellar when you pull your ears really close to the noise, with overlapping guitar lines swinging the listener back and forth like a great pop rock lullaby. Feels a bit like a house party thrown by members of Ash, Superdrag and Teenage Fanclub, and there’s not a single person who isn’t wearing a big old-fashioned shit-eating grin on their face. Because It’s True is out June 28th via Celluloid Lunch/Meritorio Records.

Gentleman Jesse Preps 7″ for Drunk Dial Records

Drunk Dial Records is an interesting concept; the label encourages bands to get together for a 24 hour drinking session, record a new tune and then rip a solid cover. The spontaneity and inebriation always land on interesting results, and we’re stoked to hear that ATH fave Gentleman Jesse is on board with a new 7″ dropping this week. If you’ve been following Jesse Smith’s trajectory over the last several decades, the power-pop enthusiasm should come as no surprise here. But, for me, it’s the breakdown, perhaps booze-infused jamming, where I begin to grin, as Smith stretches the tune into some darkened regions that he pulls off perfectly, right before jetting right back into a perfect howling close that would make Bolan proud. Then the trio switch into a swaying power-stance version of Mark Morrison‘s “Return of the Mack.” If you weren’t familiar with the tune, such as this 90s nerd, you might not even know its a cover, as they take it to an entirely different place. You can grab the 7″ HERE.

An Overnight Low Share Step Into the Light

The pop hits are out in full force today, that’s for sure. Maine’s An Overnight Low might have quietly sent us the nicest surprise in our pop gift bag though. They’re new EP dropped today, and the title track is a nice power-pop number to introduce you to what’s in store. Heavy riffs ring melodically, matched by vocal harmonizing, feeling like an added instrument in its own right. Honestly, this track wouldn’t be out of place on a Teenage Fanclub LP, as its got just enough stomp to keep rock fans, though definitely leaning into the group’s pop inclinations. If you’re willing to take a risk on something new, give the band’s Step Into the Light EP a listen! All of this is a tease from Holyhead, the record that we’ll tell you more about when we’re in the know!


Stream EP from the Goods

It seems like everywhere you go nowadays, things are hot and only getting hotter. But, you can always hop in (or on) your ride and roll those windows down to catch a breeze. If you need the soundtrack for that though, you’d better turn on EP from the Goods. It’s a four song collection of huge riffs and sunshine filled melodies that will certainly make flying through the summertime a little bit more enjoyable. Rob Good’s playing definitely brings about those bright bits, but Paul Wiseman’s drum work through the EP gives a strong punch of energy to go along with the anthemic nature of what’s at play. Feel good summer fun can be had if you press play below. EP available now courtesy of Dandy Boy Records.

Tough Age Wonder Which Way Am I?

Tough Age are not wasting their time, or your time, with their latest single; the song drops its hook into your ear instantly, letting the riffs cut right through from the moment you press play. As they’ve done in past singles, they let you get swept up in the polished cool of the vocals, with syllables stretched out to maximize the emotive nature of the melody. The chugging jangles have smoothed out edges, giving it a less angular nature, so the track gets to embrace the pop corners that are present. But, just as you’re vibing, the song wraps up. It’s the perfect little sample of great power pop, all of which you’ll find on the band’s new LP, Waiting Here, out June 16th via Bobo Integral.

Shrapnel Share Catch You Out; Ready New LP

Having already covered Mope City this week, it only makes sense that I include another project featuring members: the much loved, Shrapnel. The last time we heard from them was when they dropped Alasitas back in 2021, but it sounds like they’ve got another LP ready to go later this year. “Catch You Out” drops in with this heavy rock riff, working in some of that glam-psychedelia stomping; it soon fades away to allow this steadied cool, something that sounds like it would have come from a post-Elephant 6 act. Sure, there’s an assertive bravado to the way the riffs ring out, but even as they’re reverberating around my room, I can’t help but harp on the natural charm, calling to mind heavy guitar poppers like TFC and the like. I’ll keep you posted as I hear more about their new LP!

The High Water Marks Rock American Candy

I cannot currently think of a band that is creating pop rock as good as The High Water Marks; there’s not even a band that comes that close in my mind. This go round, the group offer up a big wall of noise to go with their tasty musical treats; you’re greeted by that punch from the get-go, smashing through your speakers with this big wall of heavy riffs and thumping percussion. Still, those move to the side to drop in these lighter jangling notes and catchy melodies (throwing in some bonus whoohoos never hurts either); it’s the gravitational pull of the group’s work, even when they’re willing to blow your hair back with some punchy bits of volume. The group will be instantly world-famous when they drop Your Next Wolf on June 23rd.

TH da Freak Shares Young Bro

French songwriter Thoineau has a complex and varied discography, but if you were paying attention in 2022, there was a brief 48 hour April Fools release titled Indie Rock. Well, Thoineau, or TH da Freak as he goes by in the music biz, has decided to revisit those old songs and finally get them out into the world. This delicious little pop ditty below is precisely why I’ve been attracted to the artist; there’s some sonic Tony Molina similarities in the voice that provide the natural hooks. Fuzzy guitars with a super lo-fi recording style add the sugar and sprinkles to this pop cookie, so you’re going to want your ears to gobble it up! If you dig, Les Disques du Paradis, Howlin Banana and Flippin Freaks Records will all help get Indie Rock back into the world on June 16th.

The High Water Marks Share Let’s Hang Out Forever

It seems crazy to me that the latest single from perennial ATH faves The High Water Marks started out as what the band called “a mellow pop tune…about finding what you love and doing it forever,” as the instant you click play, it will seem like anything other than mellow. You’re met with a quick drum roll and bending guitar notes tearing right through your speakers, but don’t fear, as the band quickly slide right back into the best brand of power pop you’re going to find today (and the next). Slight little pop jangles hang in the air, with the melody driving the song towards its enthusiastic choral chorus performed by the whole band. Every great single the band drop brings us closer to the release of their next album, Your Next Wolf, so keep your ears ready!

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