The EXBATS Announce Now Where Were We

The EXBATS are a dream for any father/daughter rock n’ roller; the band is made up of Kenny McClain and his daughter Inez, rounded out with Bobby Carlson on bass. But, I have no talent, musically, so my daughter is out of luck. Regardless, the EXBATS have just announced a new album for Goner Records, and dammit if you’re not going to fall for it in the biggest way. On the surface, you do get that sort of classic 60s sugar-pop, but beneath that, there are hints at sort of early 80s punk (thinking Blondie here), not to mention the jangles that swept overseas from Flying Nun; its a huge sound, no doubt aided by recording with Matt Rendon of the Resonars. Now Where Were We will be out on October 22nd!

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