Cindy Announce Why Not Now LP

For all the bands that the masses adore, it makes zero sense to me that Cindy isn’t up there in that upper echelon of indie rock. Perhaps they’re too careful or too quiet, but I’ll be damned if I’m not going to continue to immerse myself in everything they do musically. The video below accompanies the news that the band will release Why Not Now on April 14th, which will likely continue to spin at my house throughout the entirety of the year. There’s something about how the band feel so studied in their craft; there’s not a single note that seems out of place, as if they’ve structurally engineered the perfect pop song. It moves slowly, sure, but carries this solemnity in its melody that I find magnetic. If you’ve not been able to indulge in this band, then by all means, stop waiting. Why Not Now will come out via Mt. St. Mtn. and Tough Love Recordings.

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