Meet the SXSW Band: Daiistar

Looks like the madness is already underway, so we wanted to be sure those in town this week got a nice peep at what’s in store for SXSW. Today we bring you a quick little interview with new Austin powerhouse, Daiistar. They’ve just recently gotten up and going, so we’re looking forward to hearing what they bring to the live setting.

Whats the name of the band/group? Where are you from?

DAIISTAR from Austin, TX.

Describe your groups sound using only adjectives or superlatives.

Blissed-out Hypersonic Noise Drive.

What was your most recent release? Any planned releases for 2023?

We released our first song in February, you can find it on Spotify, Apple Music etc., the song is called Tracemaker. We have more releases lined up and an album announcement coming soon.

Why playSXSW? Whats the draw for the band? What about this festival will bring you to Austin?

Because its fun and we get to see a bunch of friends and meet people from all over the world. Its also not your typical festival, its unique in the sense that the whole city comes together to host the event.

There are tons of bands coming into town, but if you could create your own perfect festival, who would you have playing? Would it have a sick name? Where would it take place? Feel free to disregard the rules of time and space.

Thebands would be The Jesus and Mary Chain, The Velvet Underground, BJM, The Rolling Stones, Iggy Pop and the Stooges, The Clash, Them (Van Morrison), Spacemen 3, Primal Scream, The Stone Roses, Oasis (Definitely Maybe era) the list goes on. It would be called White Light.

What has everyone in the band been listening to, or, what plays in the tour van/car/bus?

Honey’s Dead on repeat. Cant speak for the rest of the band.

Obviously you have seen or heard about the issues coming up this year about fair pay for artists atSXSW? Care to offer any insight or comment?

Fair pay would be cool, well see what happens in the future. Right now were here to connect and see old friends.

Weve been seeing more and more artists get into the food and beverage game, whether its pierogies from Pavement or Deftones beer. If you ever got into the game, what would be your food or beverage and what would it be called?

It would be a michelada mix called Beso De fuego.

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