RF Shannon Announces Red Swan in Palmetto

When Shane Renfro returned to Texas from LA, you figured new things were in the mix for the leader of RF Shannon, and we get a glimpse of that on the first single from Red Swan in Palmetto. Through the first few moments, the intricate guitar atop light percussion creates that open cosmic country feel I associate with the band. But, when Renfro’s vocals come into play, there’s something that feels a bit new; his vocals are really up in the front of the mix, and while they pull on those hazy boots, they feel a little bit more prominent in their role in the tune. It’s interesting, as with previous works, the vocals felt like part of the great expanse the band created, but here, it feels like you’re getting a lullaby from a parent while the sounds of nature flicker on outside your window. Really excited to hear where the rest of Red Swan in Palmetto takes us; we’ll find out on May 26, courtesy of Keeled Scales.

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