Faith Healer Share I’m a Dog, Prep New LP

With a handful of releases under their belt as a duo, Faith Healer opened up the doors to some like-minded friends, creating a record that feels as organic and natural as it does creative and fresh. The first single from the group’s forthcoming The Hand That Fits the Glove is filled with self-loathing, as Jessica Jalbert chronicles how her Catholic upbringing left her feeling “like an unruly dog or some kind of trapped animal.” Still, the track has this natural buoyancy to it, whether that’s the marching rhythm of the snare drum or the dreamy swirls in the musical lollipop that run amok in the background. Jalbert’s steadied voice has this brilliant pull to it, like the guiding light in the midst of everything the group and their new players have put down…even that jamming boogie that pops in mid-track. If you’re looking for growth and pop spirituality, grab the new LP from Mint Records; it drops on October 13.

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