Kelley Stoltz Returns with Reni’s Car + New LP

Sadly, it sometimes we take our greatest artists for granted, and such is the life I fear for Kelley Stoltz. The songwriter has definitely been lauded, and maybe the fault is mine, so every time I hear new stuff, I circle back and jam out to Stoltz for a few days; I mean, honestly, the dude’s never written a bad tune, that I’ve heard. Hopefully we’re all hope on that train as we await La Fleur, a brand new LP from Kelley, dropping this Summer. For my two cents, there’s something in the songwriting that feels like a mixture between Glenn Donaldson and Robert Pollard, though with a bit more of a psychedelic bend on the guitar vibes. Plus, the song got a cool backstory, as he recants a tale of spending the day in the car of Stone Roses drummer Reni. Sounds like another classic jam if you’re asking me…La Fleur is out on June 7th via Dandy Boy Records/Agitated Records.

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