Mountain Movers Share My Holy Shrine Video

Sometimes, the simplest narrative can be the most impactful, as is the case with the new single from Mountain Movers; the song is said “to celebrate everyday places that are ordinary but can also be seen as sacred.” In that, you can be implored to reflect upon your own sacred places, even the most mundane of spots. The band, too, did this for the video, as you’ll see with footage from some of the locations they hold most dear. Still, you’ll need a soundtrack as you meditate on the places that hold the most meaning, and what better than the sprawling number the group has set before you. Like a slow burning candle, the track flickers with light strumming and lead guitar notes that drift overhead, all while a quiet rhythm section does just enough to add to the spirituality of the moment. Further reflection and enjoyment can be found by grabbing a copy of Walking After Dark, the band’s new double LP, out May 17th via Trouble In Mind Records.

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