Gimme 5: Slothrust

unnamed-1After the smashing success of my first Gimme 5 feature with ACL band Corbu, I decided to keep the idea churning with bands coming into Austin. An easy first choice for the idea was Brooklyn rockers Slothrust. The band was in town last night at The Parish, and though I couldn’t be in attendance, I hear the show was was like most Slothrust shows, bad ass. So prior to the show, I asked the band to pick 5 random songs that mean something to them or have inspired them in the past. No rules or limitations. Follow the jump to see what they came up with.

Each band member picked 1 or 2 songs and I’ve posted their description of each as they were presented to me.


Professor Longhair – “Red Beans” – off of Crawfish Fiesta

Some of the finestreal old school down home New OrleansCajun styleboogie-woogie piano playing is demonstratedon this track. His voice is so earnest, and the lyrics are so simple, it practically makes your mouth water from the smell of simmering spices.

Sharon Jones – “Nobody’s Baby” – off of 100 days, 100 nights

This song is a totally powerfulstatement of individuality and self-confidence. Sharon doesn’t need anyone else’s validation to feel good about herself, and neither should you. It’s also amazing for music to have this type of old-school sound and vibe when it was recorded in the mid-2000’s. It’s classic soul for the modern world.


Artist: Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers
Song: “Prince Albert”
Album: The Jazz Messengers Live at Cafe Bohemia Vol. 1 (1955)

Any member of this super group could front their own ensemble. But gotta give the drummer some on this one. Led by the incomparable Art Blakey, this track and album as a whole epitomize the swinging, feel good, and playful vibes that Jazz is all about.


Artist: Elizabeth Cotten

Song: “Freight Train”

Elizabeth Cotten is one of the most important guitar players and musicians. She is a beautiful lyricist and she overcame a lot of adversity. She is a self-taught left-handed guitarist and her fingerpicking style is personal and harmonically rich. Lyrically, she manages to address heavy topics in a visually compelling and unique manner. This song deals with death and transcendence in a brilliant way. It induces full-body goosebumps and is one of the first songs I heard that inspired me to learn how to fingerpick.

Artist: Fats Waller

Song: “Ain’t Misbehavin'”

This song is so romantic and strange. The performance Fats Waller gives in this video is some next-level madness. His face is so expressive, Fats is truly a showman. I highly recommend his discography. He is a really special performer with a frequently belligerent sense of humor.

Thanks again pals! I’d be an idiot if I didn’t also share Slothrust’s great new video for single “Horseshoe Crab” off upcoming album Everyone Else. Pick it up on October 28th via Dangerbird Records.

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