1800 and Froze to Death Share Another End

A few decades into their career, and it feels like 1800 and Froze to Death are just hitting their peak form. After reuniting in 2015, they’ve been toiling away at various projects, but we’re now about ready to receive their new LP, Thirds. Interestingly, they feel very much like they’ve channeled that mid90s indie rock feel, thinking about Jawbreaker (or maybe even Jets to Brazil) on this fresh new jam. It’s crunchy in all the right places, though the production definitely cleans up the sound a bit, bringing it into the present. There’s a whole lot of melody too, which bodes well for the listen, as a lot of acts of this ilk get bogged down in creating the noise. Those that like to rock will love the closing energy of the last two minutes here! Thirds is out on June 21st!

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